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Cheyne Child Development Service - Information for parents

Who’s Who

Clinical Nurse Specialist

The specialist nursing team have experience of community paediatric nursing, and health visiting, this includes children with special needs. They will work together with your family health visitor or school nurse to help you access the community services and support for your child. They mainly work with children aged 0-6 although are available for advise with older children.

They can offer telephone advice and clinic: they are contactable by email: , or contact number – 02033156470

Community Paediatrician

Paediatricians are doctors who have specialised in Children’s Medicine. Community Paediatricians have specialised in the care assessment and diagnosis of Children with developmental problems or difficulties.


Physiotherapy can enable your child to develop their motor skills and physical independence.

Our service aims to:

  • To provide initial and on- going assessment to identify immediate physiotherapy intervention needs and early risk factors which could limit physical development in the future.
  • To provide physiotherapy interventions in accordance with best practice and professional standards that results in improved physical movement.

 Interventions may include:

  • Neurodevelopmental / physiotherapeutic handling and exercise
  • Provision of home, nursery and school exercise and activity programmes
  • Prescription / provision and monitoring of equipment for mobility and postural management
  • Education / training to carers to ensure an understanding of and the integration of principals of physiotherapy into all relevant aspects of the child’s life. Carers include guardians, parents / family, nursery school and college support and teaching staff
  • Risk assessment for all areas of life where the physiotherapist has responsibility for the physical management of the child
  • Neuro-orthopaedic surveillance clinics, jointly with Chelsea and Westminster Extended Scope Practitioners, following guidelines for monitoring hip and spine development
  • Orthotic clinics, jointly with the orthotics for assessment and provision of splints and insoles. 

The physiotherapy team works together with the family, schools and other professionals involved in the child’s care. Our physiotherapists have a wide knowledge and experience of typical and atypical physical development in children.

Our team can see you in a variety of settings including the clinic, at home and at school.

Music Therapist

Music therapy uses shared music making as a way of supporting children who may have communication, social, physical, or emotional difficulties. Referral to music therapy can be made for children up to the age of 5 years and 11 months.

Speech and Language Therapist

The Speech and Language Therapist looks at your child’s communication including;

  • Understanding
  • Play and Social Development
  • All aspects of communication including looking, pointing., gestures as well as speech

The speech and language therapist will do this by asking how your child communicates with you and by observing their play. They may ask your child to carry out some specific activities using familiar toys and pictures.

Following assessment, appropriate therapy input, if needed, will be discussed and planned with you;

Speech and language therapy provide a service to pre-school children with speech, language, communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

If your child is school-aged please speak to the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at your child's school about supporting your child's language and communication skills.

Clinical Psychologist

The Psychology team at Cheyne are part of the multidisciplinary assessments and provide support and advice to children, young people and their families.

This may involve:

  • Direct assessment of development and learning (cognitive) abilities.
  • Discussion and advice regarding your child’s emotional, social and behavioural development.
  • Discussion and advice regarding family relationships.

The team use a range of assessment methods such as play, conversation, structured assessments, observations (in clinic and at school) and questionnaires.

In terms of support following assessment, the Clinical Psychology team offer groups for parents, consultation to staff working with children and short-term individual interventions. We typically offer support in relation to understanding diagnosis, behaviour, emotional development, sleep and feeding.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists assess and treat children who have delay or difficulties that effect their ability to independently achieve everyday occupational activities. Occupational therapist have expertise in;

  • Sensory development
  • Motor (movement) skills
  • Cognitive (learning) skills
  • Psychological and emotional areas
  • Social skills
  • Play development

The occupational therapist will assess your child by;

  • Discussing your concerns
  • Observing play and activity
  • Using standard assessments

The Occupational Therapy Team works collaboratively with children, their families and school communities to enable children to achieve their potential within their occupations at school, home, and the wider community.

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) may see a child or young person who requires help with: developing the skills needed to participate in self-care tasks (e.g. tooth brushing, toileting, washing, dressing, eating); participating in learning tasks (e.g. writing, using scissors, selecting and organising tools/belongings); positioning and posture to support participation in everyday activities; accessing play/leisure resources and physical access - this may include supporting a child with motor coordination difficulties.

Additional Information

Parent forums are parent led organisations that provide information and support to families who have a child/young person who has special educational needs and /or Disability. This includes children referred to the Child development service pre and post diagnosis.

SEND Local Authority Offer

All councils now have to provide information on services and support available to children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) aged 0-25 via the local offer website

Cheyne Child Development Service

Our service provides specialist assessment and healthcare therapy for children significant developmental needs, including those who are likely to have difficulty accessing learning.

The service is committed to a child and family centered approach, and is organized into Two Clinics based;

The Cheyne Child Development Service

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Doughty House

 369 Fulham Road

London SW10 9NH

T: 020 3315 6488

Parkview Health and Wellbeing Centre

First Floor

Cranston Court

56 Bloemfontein Road

London W12 7FC

T: 020 3704 6060

For questions about your appointment or waiting time: contact the appointments coordinator on 020 3315 3121

For questions about the assessment, what to tell your child and resources whilst you wait contact the reception on 0203 315 6488


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