Art Therapy

Art Therapy 

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It is suitable for working on a wide range of issues related to illness and hospital admission helping contain and manage some of the feelings and giving a non-judgmental space where things can be expressed.

Art therapy is a flexible, adaptable form of therapy that does not require any previous experience in art. It has been successfully accessed by many young people on the wards since 2006.

What young people and families say about Art Therapy

“Art Therapy gave him an outlet for his emotions, and we have been helped and reassured by this input. He looked forward to his sessions and the routine was settling for him. The sessions helped both our son and us and we think any child would benefit from such support.” Parent of 4 year old

“I got time to express my feelings, I really enjoyed it. I had time to focus on myself and talk to someone, draw and write what was on my mind.” 13 year old

"I like art therapy because it’s fun and gives me a chance to be messy and talk about things.” 10 year old

"It helped me with my feelings a lot, painting made me happy.” 6 year old

“Art therapy is really amazing and helps you think about your thoughts. It helps because it lets your feelings out.” 14 year old

“I think hospital admissions can be lonely and medical staff daunting. My daughter really enjoyed Art Therapy and seemed relaxed after doing it.” Parent of 8 year old

Supporting the wellbeing of young people and families

Art Therapy aims to support young people and families while in hospital.

Providing a space to communicate feelings verbally and non-verbally and offer an emotional outlet during admission.

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