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Welcome to Our Service: The One-stop Benign Gynaecology Service is staffed by a team of specialist doctors and nurses in gynaecology. We have several consultant clinics per week. A doctor has recommended you to our Service for further investigation. This leaflet explains what to expect during your appointment. It is a guide, and you will be able to ask your specialist doctor/ nurse more specific questions at your appointment. Please note we are unable to accept walk-ins —you must have a referral from your GP or hospital doctor at one of our hospitals at Chelsea & Westminster.

What are One-stop Benign Gynaecology Clinics?

These are out-patient clinics where you are seen by specialists to further investigate the gynaecological problem you discussed with your doctor. Our doctors will go through your symptoms and medical history in more detail and examine you. This may include feeling your abdomen, doing an internal examination, and possibly having an internal ultrasound scan. All this information helps the doctor to decide what might be causing your symptoms and recommend treatment(s) to you. We aim to see, investigate, and treat you in one visit. Occasionally, additional investigations/ treatments are advised which cannot be completed in a single visit. We will refer you on to an appropriate gynaecology clinic.

Who do we see in these clinics?

We see patients with any of the following:

  • Uterine fibroids and polyps
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding/ periods
  • Ovarian cysts (some cysts need onward referral to a different clinic)
  • Long-standing non-urgent gynaecological problems, such as heavy and/or painful periods and pelvic pain
  • Lost or misplaced coils
  • Insertion of coils assisted by ultrasound
  • Incidental findings on CT/ MRI reports

Your Appointment

Your appointment letter will advise you the exact hospital and location of your appointment. You may wish to bring someone along to the appointment. We ask that only one adult attends the consultation with you. Rarely, your doctor may ask them to leave and only if necessary. We also ask that you try to arrange alternative childcare for children or babies and do not bring them to your appointment.  You may need to provide a urine sample for a pregnancy test.

Sometimes we also need to perform investigations during your appointment such as:

  • Ultrasound scans. These are normally done via a ‘transvaginal’ approach. This means the tip of the ultrasound probe is passed into the vagina. This is not harmful and should not be painful, although some patients may experience mild discomfort.
  • An internal examination to look at your cervix and this may include biopsies, insertion or removal of intrauterine contraception, pelvic swab tests or cervical smears if necessary. Biopsies and insertion/ removal of intrauterine contraception takes 1-2 minutes to complete and may cause period-like pain, which last only a few minutes. (We no longer perform routine smears in these clinics.)
  • Blood tests. These will be requested electronically, and if we cannot take them during your appointment, you will be advised what is required to attend the Out-patient Phlebotomy department at the hospital you visit—follow the signs for ‘Blood Tests'.

During your consultation and for all examinations an assisting nurse will be present to support you. The assistant will make sure that you are comfortable on the couch and the doctor is happy with your position. Your dignity will always be maintained as far as possible.

As mentioned, your doctor will discuss your examination findings, the likely cause of your symptoms, recommend any other investigations you may need and your treatment options, including surgery. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions.

Preparing for your appointment

To have an internal ultrasound scan, you need an empty bladder. However, if you have never had sexual intercourse, or do not want an internal scan let staff know; an abdominal scan maybe offered instead. In this case, you will need a full bladder and may need to drink 1.5-2 pints (about 1 litre) of fluids before your scan.

As mentioned, we sometimes also perform minor procedures which you may experience as painful. It can be difficult to always predict if you will need a procedure unless your referring doctor has already told you. Consider taking simple painkillers of your preference (eg. paracetamol or ibuprofen) 1-2hours before your appointment, especially if your doctor advised you will need a procedure.

For many procedures it is important you are not pregnant. If you are sexually active and of child-bearing age, you must use contraception from your last menstrual period until your appointment, otherwise we may not be able to complete your procedure during this appointment.  

Your appointment will take around 40 minutes. You should still attend even during your period; it will not affect your assessment. We aim to see all patients on time; clinic staff will inform you if clinic delays arise.

After your appointment

We will write to you and your GP with the results of your consultation and if any follow-up is required. If you require further procedures or surgery, we will refer you to the appropriate clinical teams within gynaecology. But many patients will not need further hospital care and we will discharge you back to your GP with advice & guidance to manage in home.

If you have pending investigation results from your hospital visit, we will write to you and your GP with the results once they are available. A very small number of patients will need to return to clinic to discuss their results in person; we will arrange this.

Research & Teaching

You may be asked to take part in research to improve future patient care. This is entirely voluntary and will not affect your care. We understand not all patients will want to take part. You will be given information leaflets and time to decide. As a teaching hospital we train the next generation of students and clinical staff in specialist gynaecology care through our clinics.

Please let us know if you have any queries/ concerns.

Useful contacts

One-Stop Benign Gynaecology Service
Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust
1st Floor Gynaecology Out-Patient Department
369 Fulham Road London SW10 9NH
Telephone: 0203 315 6666

One-Stop Benign Gynaecology Service
West Middlesex University Hospital
Gynaecology Outpatients Department
1st Floor Twickenham House
Twickenham Road, Isleworth                                                          
Middlesex TW7 6AF
Telephone: 020 8321 5114 
Cancel appointments: 0208 321 5008


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