Information for older adults

At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we have an older adults team to support patients that are living with; Frailty, Dementia, or those that have been admitted following a fall. We can also offer support to those that are caring for people living with the above.

Older Adults accessing our hospitals may be seen by a Geriatrician, therapist and specialist nurse during their inpatient stay if deemed necessary and appropriate. Some patients may be seen by one or two members of the team and some older adults will not require any input at all.

Once an inpatient in the hospital, either in our emergency department, Acute assessment units or on one of our inpatient wards, you or the person you’re caring for can be referred to a member of the older adult team by staff within the department. If, however, you have any concerns prior to or during an admission, please email the  

Information for patients with dementia

If you or someone you are caring for has a planned admission to hospital, please consider completing a ‘This is me’ passport prior to admission. The document provides us with personal information specific to the person that we can use to help us communicate more meaningfully with the individual. If you are unable to complete, the admission is unexpected or need assistance, we can provide copies and assistance with completion in hospital.

We are signed up to and support John’s campaign. John’s Campaign is a movement to help NHS staff recognise the importance of working with family carers as equal partners in the care and support of people living with dementia who are in hospital.

Involving the family carer from admission to discharge has been proven to help ensure a better quality of care, an improved patient experience and improved outcomes. You can request a carers card from the nurse in charge in any of our inpatient areas, this allows one visitor/carer to have access to the person living with dementia outside of visiting hours.

Information for carers

All the links below offer advice and support for both paid and unpaid carers

Information about falls

Information about frailty

Information about delirium

  • Delirium overview
  • Understanding delirium and what to do
  • This information is for anyone who has experienced delirium, knows someone with delirium or is looking after people with delirium.







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