West London Menopause and PMS Service

Welcome to the West London Menopause POI and Premenstrual Syndrome Service. We recognise the complexity of hormone related disorders and run dedicated specialist clinics at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to meet your needs.

There are online resources on our web site or patient and professional web sites to assist in the effective diagnosis and manage of most hormonal problems within the in primary care setting.


All referrals have to be made by your registered general practitioner (GP) and post Covid-19, the majority of our service is delivered via telephone consultations. We aim to provide advice and treatment that could not obtained from your GP or health care provider. For most women, this can be achieved within one appointment when you will be discharged back to your GP with information to continue your on-going care. Further appointments are only required if effectivetreatment has not been achieved or your treatment cannot be provided by your GP.

The clinics are very busy so please allow a one-hour window from the time of your appointment for availability. Only accept this appointment if you have registered your number with the hospital, accept an unknown or withheld number and will be in a suitable environment to talk. If we cannot contact you after 2 attempts you may be discharged back to your GP and a new referral will be required. If you cannot make the appointment you must reschedule by contacting the appointment office.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

We are not able to provide psychiatric advice and can only provide care directly relating to the management of PMS or PMDD. If you have been diagnosed with PMDD, or a severe form of PMS, our guidelines requires that you have a regular review with your GP or you remain under your local mental health team with a mental health care plan in place.

Clinic Letters

You will receive an electronica or paper letter directly after you appointment and a copy sent to your GP. This will include details of your current prescription and outstanding results. If you do not receive a letter, please contact the gynaecology secretaries.

Results of investigations

Results will be discussed at each appointment and included in the letter to your GP.  If any investigations have been undertaken at another hospital always bring a written report to the next appointment and ask your GP to email all results directly to us.

Support between appointments

GPs are encouraged to contact us directly at any time for advice or support in your care by emailing us using the NHS secure email service.

We are a non-urgent service so please contact your GP or A&E if there is an immediate or urgent problem. For clinical problems that cannot wait until your next appointment, please contact us via web site using the patient support contact request page.

Research, surveys and questionnaires

We periodically undertake clinical research and patient surveys. Further information can be found on the website.

Further information

This leaflet is just a brief introduction to our service. Please see the Menopause POI & PMS section if you have any questions that arise between appointments.

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