Guide to therapy putty purchase

The hand therapy department does not recommend any single company over another. This leaflet has been designed to provide a resource of several purchase options.

Please note colours may vary across providers so ensure you purchase based on your therapist’s strength recommendation rather than colour. Prices range from £3.36- £65.75.

NRS Healthcare

  • Search: therapeutic putty
  • Strengths available: extra soft; soft; medium/soft; medium; firm
  • Weights available: 57g; 454g

Patterson Medical

  • Search: therapy putty
  • Strengths available: super soft; soft; medium soft; medium; firm; extra firm
  • Weights available: 57g; 85g; 113g; 454g; 2.3kg


  • Search: cando therapy putty
  • Strengths available: extremely easy; very easy; easy; medium; difficult; very difficult
  • Weights available: 56g; 85g; 113g; 450g

Sensory Direct

  • Search: putty
  • Strengths available: soft; medium/soft; medium; firm
  • Weights available: 56g; 450g

Sissel UK

  • Search: theraputty
  • Strengths available: extra soft; soft; medium; strong; extra strong; set of 5
  • Weights available: 85g


  • Search: cando theraputty
  • Strengths available: xxlight; xlight; light; medium; firm; xfirm
  • Weights available: 56g; 500g


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