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Typing technique

Keep your wrists straight

For the wrist to be straight your hand must be parallel to the floor and the middle finger must be aligned with the centre of the wrist.

full.pngDon’t rest your wrists while you type

When you type, let your hands float above the desk/keyboard. Rest your forearms when you are not typing. Move from your shoulder not your wrist, get used to using your whole arm to move your hands over the keys.

Avoid stretching the fingers to reach keys

Move your arm from the shoulder, position your fingers over the keys and then strike.

Keep your fingers curved

Typing with thumbs and little fingers upraised is a common problem.

Let your hands rest by your sides. Keeping this relaxed position, bring your hands to the keyboard. Your fingers should be curved. Gently hit the keys with your fingertips. By relaxing the thumb you tend to relax the whole hand. 

Use fingers from both hands

Use one finger from each hand to strike the keys and keep them in a good position while you do.

Use a light touch

Consciously try to use the lightest touch possible.

Basic typing technique


  • Sit up straight with back supported 
  • Keep feet flat on the floor
  • Move from your shoulder
  • Keep your wrists straight
  • Keep your fingers curved
  • Use a light touch
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Keep nails short!!

Do not:

  • Slouch
  • Rest your wrists on a wrist rest
  • Stretch your fingers
  • Move your wrists
  • Tense your fingers
  • Pound the keys
  • Type for hours without a break

Refresh Exercises

If you are experiencing discomfort, carrying out some circulatory and mobilising exercises every 20-30 minutes should help you to control your symptoms:

  • Take your ear to your shoulder, repeat to the other side
  • Turn your neck to look to the right then left
  • Pull your chin gently backwards to produce a ‘double chin’
  • ‘breast stroke’ with your arms
  • Stretch your forearms
  • Circle your shoulders backwards
  • Turn and look behind you
  • Stand up, turn around and sit back down again 

After performing a selection of the above, which should take no longer than a minute, check your posture and return to work.


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