Tinnitus sound masker

You have recently been seen in our Audiology clinic and you have opted to try a Tinnitus Sound Generator (TSG) device.

What does a Tinnitus sound generator do?

Tinnitus is rarely an indication of a serious condition and mostly experienced as a symptom of something else. The causes of tinnitus are still not fully understood, but tinnitus can be associated with hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, ear infection, stress, anxiety and depression. To help reduce tinnitus awareness, a TSG device can be used as part of sound therapy in the self-help techniques recommended for coping with tinnitus. 

The aim of sound therapy is not to drown out the tinnitus but to provide a constant non-intrusive external and alternative sound for the brain to focus on. The aim is to distract you from your tinnitus and lessen the attention paid to the tinnitus.

For sound therapy to be successful in the long term, we set the volume of the TSG sounds at just below the level of your tinnitus. This is so that we don’t mask your tinnitus completely. Research shows that listening to masking sounds, while still being able to hear your tinnitus at a very low level, will help you to ‘train’ your brain to ‘filter out’ your tinnitus.

This process however takes time to develop and be successful. To enhance this we recommend you use the TSG device daily for a minimum of 6-8 hours continuously.

My Tinnitus sound generator

  • Every time you switch the device on, it will be on programme 1 by default.
  • You can use the rocker switch to change to any other program by simply pressing on the button for 5 seconds and then letting go. It will then change to the next programme. Please repeat until you reach the desired programme.
  • To switch the device off, open the battery compartment and leave it open until you wish to use the device again.
  • To switch the device on, just close the battery compartment.
  • The thin tube needs to be replaced every 6 months. You can also collect new batteries at the same time. You can have this done without an appointment at our reception desk during the following opening times:

Monday – Thursday: 08:30am – 12 noon & 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Friday: 08:30am – 12 noon & 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Saturday: 08:30am – 12 noon**

** Please note there is no Saturday clinic on Bank holiday weekends or between the Christmas – New Year period. The department is closed on all bank holidays***

  •  If you wish to have any adjustments made to the device you need to book an appointment with a relevant Audiologist. Please note: this device is on loan to you from the NHS. If you no longer use the device you must please return it to our reception desk.


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