Tinnitus direct access clinic

Your GP has referred you to the Adult Audiology Department at West Middlesex University Hospital. 

What will happen at my appointment?

At this appointment we will verify your personal details. You will be asked some questions about your ears, general health and specific information about your tinnitus.

We will then look into your ears and check that they are healthy and free of wax. You will listen to a series of sounds presented through headphones and be asked to press a button every time you hear a sound. This allows us to measure the quietest sounds you are able to hear. Occasionally we may also do a pressure test to check how well your eardrums are moving and if you have any fluid behind your eardrum.

We will explain the hearing test results to you. We will advise you on what tinnitus is and why we think you have it.

Tinnitus is rarely an indication of a serious condition and mostly experienced as a symptom of something else. The causes of tinnitus are still not fully understood, but tinnitus can be associated with hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, ear infection, stress, anxiety and depression. We will advise you on how to cope with your tinnitus through evidence based self-help techniques.

These can be very helpful in management of tinnitus. We will give you information leaflets about everything we will discuss so you can go through it again at home.

Depending on the outcome of your hearing assessment, we may recommend hearing aids, refer you for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or refer you on to the Ear, Nose & Throat Department (with your consent). We will send your GP a letter regarding the outcome of this appointment.

Who will I be seen by?

All hearing assessments are carried out by a qualified Audiologist with advanced knowledge and experience in helping people with tinnitus. The Audiologist is registered with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists. We are a teaching hospital so on occasion there may also be a student present in the appointment. If you are not comfortable with this, please let us know when you check in for your appointment at the Audiology Reception desk.

How long will my appointment take?

The appointment has been allocated for 60 minutes. We aim to see you on time but sometimes Audiology clinics can be unavoidably delayed as someone in front of you may need more time. We will keep you informed if there is a delay to your appointment.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please ensure your ears are free of wax. If your ears are blocked with wax or you have an active infection in your ear we will not be able to carry out the hearing test.

If you need an interpreter do contact us for this to be arranged. We cannot guarantee availability of interpreters for all languages, so please arrange this well in advance.

If you require hospital transport your GP needs to arrange this as it is your first appointment with Audiology.

If you wish to bring a family member, carer or friend to this appointment please feel free to do so.

Can I cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel this appointment, you are only allowed to cancel your appointment twice. Please contact us soon as possible to rebook your appointment. Please note, this clinic only runs on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  If you fail to attend this appointment, you will be discharged back to your GP’s care & will need a new referral. This is in line with the Hospital Trust Policy.



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