Paediatric transition to adult audiology services

Welcome to the Adult Audiology department at West Middlesex University Hospital.  You have now transitioned from the Paediatric Hearing Aid services to the Adult Hearing Aid services. As part of this transition we received a letter from your GP for a reassessment of your hearing and an appointment has been booked for you by your GP practice.

These appointments can be booked at West Middlesex University Hospital or any of our outreach clinics at Feltham Centre for Health, Teddington Memorial Hospital or Whitton Corner Health and Social Care Centre. At this reassessment appointment, we will carry out a full audiological assessment (patient history, ear examination & hearing test). Currently our department supply Siemens hearing aids. If you are happy with your Paediatric hearing aid, you can continue to use them however if it becomes faulty, we will have to switch your hearing aid over to Siemens. You will also receive a Guidance Book with all the details you need.

After your reassessment, you will have a follow up to see how you are getting along with your Hearing Aid. This can be done either during a booked 15-minute appointment with an Audiologist or you can choose to receive a phone call. The Audiologist will discuss this with you at your reassessment appointment. After your follow up appointment, we recommend you have a reassessment every three years. For this you will need to request a reassessment referral from your GP.

For any maintenance on your hearing aid, you must book a repair appointment. We can offer you an emergency appointment within 48 hrs. at West Middlesex University Hospital. You can also choose a specific day (Monday – Friday) and outreach clinic if required, if there is still availability. For any Adult Audiology service appointment, you must contact the Audiology Reception at West Middlesex Hospital. Please note our Audiology services at the outreach clinics are only available on the following days:

  • Feltham: Most Wednesdays
  • Teddington: Every Tuesday morning
  • Whitton: Every 2nd Monday morning

Please note these clinics can get booked up in advance. If you wish to be seen at one of these clinics you must request this every time you phone for an appointment. If you do not request this, you will receive an appointment at West Middlesex University Hospital by default.

If you need a retube of your hearing aid mould or Siemens replacement life tubes, you can walk-in to the Audiology Reception at West Middlesex Hospital or OPD reception desk at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

If you require to be seen at the Feltham Health Centre, you need to contact the Audiology reception at West Middlesex to book an appointment for this location. 

You can collect hearing aid batteries with your battery book at:

  • Main reception desk at entrance of West Middlesex University Hospital
  • Audiology reception desk at West Middlesex University Hospital
  • St. David’s Practice at Feltham Centre for Health
  • OPD Reception desk at entrance of Teddington Memorial Hospital

Alternatively, you can collect batteries from other local clinics. Please consult your Hearing Aid Guidance Book which will be issued to you at the reassessment appointment. 

Our contact details are:

Address: Outpatients 5, 1st Floor, East Wing, West Middlesex University Hospital, Twickenham Road, Isleworth, TW7 6AF.

Telephone: 020-8321-5681


Opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 5:00pm
  • Saturdays*: 08:30 – 12pm   

*Please note that we are not open on Saturdays over the Easter weekend or on bank holiday weekends. We are also closed on any Saturday that fall between Christmas & New Year.

Patients are seen by an appointment ONLY!! Unless you require just a retube.


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