Swim moulds policy and collection information

Swim moulds policy

  • You have requested a swim mould or a set of swim moulds
  • In order for you to be fitted with swim moulds an impression needs to be taken of your ear.
  • This involves putting a small sponge into your ear and filling your ear up with impression material in order to obtain the shape of your ear.
  • If you suffer from Tinnitus, when the impression material is in your ear the Tinnitus may increase in volume, however when the impression material is taken out it should return back to its original level.
  • It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the moulds to be made by the laboratory.
  • We will send you a letter when they have been made with instructions on what to do to organise payment and collection of the swim moulds.
  • The swim moulds cost £20 per one.
  • Please note swim moulds are not 100% waterproof.

Collection Information

You have recently had an impression taken of your ear for a swim mould. This is to inform you that the swim moulds are ready for collection.

  • The cost of Swim Moulds is £20 per one.
  • You can organise collection of the swim moulds and payment at the same time.
  • If you decide, when you will attend phone us on the Audiology Telephone Number 020 8321 5681 or email to arrange the appointment time.
  • It is explained on the letter with this information sheet, the times that the cashier’s office is open for payment.
  • When you have paid the cashiers office, they will issue you with a receipt, you take this receipt to the ‘collect of swim mould’ appointment and we will fit the swim moulds.
  • We will instruct you on how to fit the swim moulds. If they are not a good fit we will retake the impressions.
  • When you have been given the swim moulds, if you find they are a poor fit contact us within 2 weeks of the fitting, and we will retake the impressions with no extra charge.

Please note swim moulds are not 100% waterproof.


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