Concerns, complaints and compliments

Local resolution

If you have a concern about the treatment or care that you receive, it is best to address it straight away. If you are staying in hospital, or are visiting someone who is staying in hospital, please ask to speak with the ward manager, sister or matron who will listen to your concerns, agree with you the actions that will be taken to resolve the matter, and update you on progress as required. If you are an outpatient, please ask to speak with the nurse in charge or clinic manager. If your issues are not resolved locally, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

If you feel you received great care or services, please let us know. It is important that we acknowledge staff with positive feedback and this also helps support their professional validation. The PALS team would be happy to receive your feedback and will pass it on to the relevant staff or service.


You can make a formal complaint by writing to the chief executive or the complaints department. You should make your complaint within 12 months from when the problem occurred to make it easier for staff to remember what happened and for us to act quickly. Please try to include all of the issues you are concerned about—it may help to number them so that we can clearly respond to each.

What happens next?

We will acknowledge your complaint within 2 working days of receiving it. We may offer you the opportunity to meet with the relevant staff to clarify issues. You can bring a friend or relative to support you. We will try our best to investigate your complaint and respond to you as quickly as possible, and keep you informed of the progress. Complaints investigations can take up to 25 working days.

Learning from your feedback

By listening to your concerns we can learn and improve our services. Compliments help us to acknowledge excellence and share best practice with staff. Please try to note staff names so we may share this confidently with our staff.

Independent advice

If you require support to express your views, you can seek independent advice from POhWER—an independent not for profit organisation who can advise and guide you through the process. POhWER can be reached on 0300 456 2370.


If you are not satisfied following our response, you can contact the complaints team outlining why you are unhappy. The complaints team will consider the issues raised and offer advice on how this should be managed.

If you remain dissatisfied, you can contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) at

Please note:

  • You must contact the PHSO within 12 months of receiving our response
  • The PHSO will not investigate your case before you have received our final response letter