Zinc tape advice

Guidelines for patients with zinc tape dressings

This is a flexible tape dressing impregnated with zinc oxide. It is used to cover your burn and reduce infection. Zinc tape is antibacterial and promotes wound healing. It will need changing every day.

How to change

  • Gently peel back the zinc tape from the skin starting with a corner- it may be firmly stuck but is relatively painless to pull off. It may help to soak the dressing first by having a bath or shower
  • Clean wound with water and remove ooze
  • Dry the wound
  • Cut a new piece of zinc tape and apply over the wound
  • Change the zinc tape daily

About your Zinc tape dressing

  • SMELL: Zinc tape does not usually have an odour, if you have any concerns please call the burns unit.
  • LEAKAGE: Zinc tape is intended for dry or slightly moist wounds. If the wound appears to be leaking, please call the burns unit to discuss a more suitable dressing.
  • WRINKLING: Zinc tape will occasionally wrinkle up, and if this occurs apply a new dressing.
  • RASH: Zinc tape does not usually cause a rash. If you are concerned about a rash please call the burns unit.

If you are unsure of anything, or have any questions or worries about this form of dressing, do not hesitate to telephone us on the Burns Unit 020 3315 3706.


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