Skin camouflage

How to access skin camouflage

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

A referral can be made by your burns therapist to a health care professional in the hospital. The health care professional will trial skin camouflage on your scars and advise you on the most suited shade for your skin type and scar.


A charity called Changing Faces runs the Skin Camouflage Service where you can have a free consultation using prescription products in order to find the best product and shades for you. In some areas of the UK you may need a health care professional to refer you to this service – all information is on their website.

The Katie Piper Foundation is a charity that offers a free consultation in order to find the best product and they also provide make-up & lip and eye shaping. Referrals can be made by your burns therapist or independently by contacting the Katie Piper Foundation.

British Association of Skin Camouflage

The website of the British Association of Skin Camouflage also has some useful information, and you can contact them to find a practitioner in your area – this would be a paid appointment.

Skin camouflage products

There are a number of camouflage creams available on prescription (at the GP's discretion):

There are many cosmetic products (not on prescription) which can be used to cover scarring. These are not the same as camouflage products and may not provide the same level of coverage or staying power. For example: CoverFX.

Products can be bought online at:


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