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Guidelines for patients with Duoderm dressings

This is a flexible waterproof dressing used to cover your burn/scald and reduce infection. When in contact with the wound, Duoderm forms a gel-like covering which can remain untouched for several days, but will need changing if leakage occurs.

How to change

  1. Gently peel back Duoderm from the skin starting with a corner- it may be firmly stuck but is relatively painless to pull off.
  2. Clean wound with water and remove ooze.
  3. Remove the white paper backing from the fresh piece of Duoderm and apply smoothly over the wound. Do not stretch unnecessarily and ensure when cutting to size to leave a margin of 1 inch around wound.
  4. Leave intact for up to 4 days unless leakage occurs.

About your Duoderm dressing smell

  1. SMELL: You may notice an unpleasant smell from the dressing, which is not necessarily due to the wound. Duoderm itself does have an odour, so do not be concerned as it will disappear on cleansing.
  2. LEAKAGE: This may occur around the edges of the dressing and has a yellow appearance – this is due to the Duoderm gel and is not pus.
  3. WRINKLING: Duoderm will occasionally wrinkle up, and if this occurs apply a new dressing.
  4. RASH: Occasionally a rash may occur around the edges of the Duoderm on very young children. If this happens –return to the Unit.

If you are unsure of anything, or have any questions or worries about this form of dressing, do not hesitate to telephone us on the Burns Unit.

Burns Unit: 020 3315 2500   Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (24hours)

Paediatric Burns Unit (Mars Ward) : 020 3315 3706 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.


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