Face care

  • Please clean the burnt areas of the face/ears/neck 3–4 times a day
  • Use the Chlorhexidine (Hibiscrub) solution provided—a teaspoonful (5mls) in the foil bowl. Use warm water from the tap to dilute to a bowlful
  • For burns around the eyes, wash with warm tap water only no Chlorhexidine (Hibiscrub)
  • Using the gauze pieces, wet them in the solution, then wipe gently over the burn wound—do not ‘dab’, it needs to be wiped to clean it properly
  • Use another piece of gauze to dry the wound
  • Do not worry if any loose skin comes off
  • The aim is to keep the wound clean—it will start to scab over in a few days.
  • The face may swell in the first 24–48 hours—please try and sleep as upright as possible
  • Apply thin layer of yellow paraffin provided after cleaning

Any queries, please call:

  • Adult Burns Unit: 020 3315 2500
  • Paediatric Burns Unit (Mars ward): 020 3315 3706


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