Advice Following Skin Biopsy

The procedure you have had today involves taking an ‘apple core of skin’ or a punch biopsy. You will have had stitches and the area will likely be covered with a plaster.

24-48 Hours

  • During this time it is important to keep this area clean and dry.
  • If bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure to the area for 10 minutes. 

48 Hours:

  • If a plaster has been applied this can now be removed.
  • The area can now be cleaned as normal.

What is normal:

  • The first couple of days your wound may be tender and may bleed slightly when you clean it.
  • There may be swelling and bruising around the wound, especially if near the eyes.
  • The area around the wound may be numb for many months.
  • You may experience episodic sharp pains as the wound heals.
  • The scar will look dark pink at first and the edges reddened.  This will change colour and blend in with your skin in months to years.
  • With dissolving stitches under the skin you may be able to see and feel small bumps under the wound for several months where the knots are located.  These will gradually go.  If a bump forms a small blister see your practice nurse, they should be able to remove the stitch remnant.

Seek medical help if:

  • You have bleeding which will not stop after applying pressure and ice.
  • You have excessive (or increasing) pain.
  • You have signs of an infection such as a raised temperature, redness, swelling or a foul-smelling discharge from the wound.

In office hours please phone the Dermatology Secretaries on 0203 315 4007. Otherwise speak to your GP/Practice Nurse or attend the nearest A&E or Minor Injuries Treatment unit.

We would like to be kept informed if you have problems with your wound.

Follow up: You will be informed about any necessary follow-up by either a telephone call or by letter if you do not already have an appointment.


Please note that we do not routinely give results over the telephone.


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