What we do

We provide a comprehensive programme of exercise, education, activities and strategies to improve emotional wellbeing, reduce unhealthy behaviour and generally get back on track after treatment. This combined approach has been shown to speed up the recovery process and reduce the chance of having future heart problems.

We offer an individualised service to all patients with a new diagnosis of heart disease or who have been through cardiac treatment, including surgery. The programme consists of an initial consultation followed by the provision of a tailored exercise or lifestyle plan.

At Chelsea and Westminster, patients will see the Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist to discuss their recovery process and treatment plan. This will include a review of any medicines which have been prescribed and further investigations such as blood tests may be arranged, together with health education and advice. If patients wish to participate in the exercise part of the programme they will be given a 6-12 week supervised plan which is individually tailored to their needs and usually includes aerobic and resistance exercises. This approach promotes the ethos of recovery rather than illness and is a recognised example of best practice.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Our clinics are based in the Outpatients Department, Lower Ground Floor, Lift Bank C, and accessed via Gate 4. Our main Cardiology Department is on the 2nd Floor, Lift Bank B.

West Middlesex University Hospital

We are based in Outpatients 2 in the main hospital building.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

T: 020 3315 8505

West Middlesex University Hospital 

T: 020 8321 5336


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