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Text messages or emails from NHS-NoReply and PatientsKnowBest

You may have received a text message or email from Chelwest, NHS-NoReply, PatientsKnowBest or from +44 7860 039092 about one of the services below. These are legitimate communications.

  • Attend Anywhere
  • Care Information Exchange (provided by PatientsKnowBest)
  • DrDoctor
  • Isla

We encourage you to sign up to these secure digital solutions so we can continue to provide the best possible care.

Patients may receive a message with a link to confirm if they would still like to go ahead with their surgical procedure. This allows us to understand and book your procedures more efficiently.

Digital letters explained

digital systems 1Improving your care with digital systems

New technology is helping us to deliver safe, high-quality and remote clinical care for our patients.

Our digital systems are designed to improve how we connect and communicate with patients to ensure we provide excellent care when we are unable to meet in person. They also enable you to take control of your own healthcare—including booking appointments, accessing your electronic health record, and remotely monitoring and reporting your symptoms.

We’re bringing our teams to you with video consultations from the comfort of your home or workplace. We’re listening to you about what works for you.

digital systems 2

Patient communication tablets

Our Trust, working together with our charity CW+, has tablets available to support patients, fully equipped with apps and internet access—the devices are intended as communications and engagement tools for patients. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Integrating digital solutions

We are increasing the use of digital technologies to ensure we provide the best possible care and experience both in our hospitals and in the community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are inviting patients by text message or email to access the services below. This ensures that we can continue to deliver the best possible care.

Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere is a secure and confidential video conferencing service that we’re offering to suitable outpatients to reduce the number of people coming into our hospitals and clinics in person, and to allow patients to see their clinician from the comfort of their own home.

Care information exchange.pngCare Information Exchange (CIE)

The CIE is a web application provided by PatientsKnowBest (PKB) that gives patients access to their health (medical) records, which can be updated by the patient and shared with different medical teams and carers to help speed up and improve treatment.

Your information is held in the secure NHS network. It will only be used by healthcare professionals for your direct care. You can choose to share your care record with your family, carers, GP and other health professionals if you wish.

If you have difficulty or are unable to register on the link above, please complete this form.


The Trust and DrDoctor work together closely to benefit our patients. To use the benefits of DrDoctor you will need to log in with your surname, postcode and date of birth.

DrDoctor has four main benefits for patients:

  • Patients receive a text message with a link to their hospital letter. This means patients can see their letter quicker, while saving the NHS money and helping the environment. During the Covid pandemic digital letters can help reduce the risk of infection. Our patients love this service, with only about 4% still choosing to receive paper letters.
  • Patients receive text reminders about their upcoming outpatient appointments meaning they never forget when to come to hospital.
  • We are currently making it possible for patients to reschedule their appointment via their mobile phone. No need to call the hospital, you can communicate with us conveniently through your mobile phone. 
  • Patients with long term conditions can book themselves directly into a specialist appointments to reduce the number of patients seeking treatment in A&E. This means our A&E department can focus on the most urgent patients and at the same time ensures that our patients receive better, more appropriate care if they experience a flare-up of their symptoms. 


Isla makes it easy for patients and our clinicians seamlessly share photographs and videos so that clinicians can gain a clear understanding of how conditions are changing over time. The service is designed to be easy to use and patients will not need to create an account.

Patients can submit photographs and videos securely to their clinicians using their mobile phone or tablet with just a few clicks, often avoiding the need to attend hospital for a face-to-face appointment. Any images or videos captured are securely stored in Isla and will not be left on the device, making the platform suitable for sensitive information.


The Trust and Sensyne Health are working on their innovative DBm-Health app that enables patients to manage their diabetes more effectively from home.

DBm-Health has been co-designed by diabetes clinicians at the Trust and Sensyne Health to enable patients to remotely monitor blood glucose levels while allowing clinicians to see their results, stay in regular contact with them and reduce the need to go into the hospital.

DBm-Health is a secure patient-clinician communication system comprising a smartphone app that allows patients with diabetes or at a risk of diabetes, to record their blood glucose levels and communicate these to their care team.

In addition, the app shows you messages from your healthcare team and, if you have questions, you can request a callback from them through the app. DBm-Health can help to limit hospital visits by providing blood glucose readings and other patient information which can be viewed remotely by clinicians.

Using the app, you can record more data with the reading:

  • What time of day the reading was for (eg before breakfast or after lunch)
  • What medications you took
  • Any comments that you think will be helpful to your health care team

You can enter blood glucose levels in two ways:

  • By connecting to a blood glucose meter that you have set up with the app
  • By entering a value manually

The app sends all this information to your care team who will look at the data and contact you if they need to. The app also includes self-help guides and you can review a record of your blood glucose readings in diary and graph format helping you to manage your blood glucose levels.

NHS England Test Beds programme wave 2

Chelsea and Westminster Trust is proud to have participated in the second wave of the NHS England Test Beds programme in 2019/20. This ambitious programme brought together innovators, industry and the NHS to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the NHS. The Trust’s project, in partnership with Imperial Collage Healthcare Partners, was ‘Developing a Schedule for Unscheduled Care’ where we combined digital applications to provide patients with long term conditions better access to their clinical information and urgent care intervention options.


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