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Hospitality of the heart—hospitality for the human spirit

The Multi-faith Chaplaincy Team provides spiritual, pastoral and religious care for all patients, relatives and staff in our hospitals.

We reach out with love and support to those who are unwell or afraid. We are chaplains from the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths, and from the Humanist tradition. We can also call on representatives from other faith and belief groups to support people.

Being in hospital can be a worrying and anxious time. Patients often tell us—whether they are religious or not—that they have discovered an increased sense of strength, peace and hope by discussing their concerns with a member of the hospital’s Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Team.

Hospital staff members regard the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Team as a non-partisan ‘listening ear’ and a source of confidential support.

To speak to a chaplain, for a bedside visit, prayer or Holy Communion ask a member of staff to refer you to the chaplaincy team.

We offer a 24-hour service.

Prayer times

For bedside prayers or Communion, please contact the chaplaincy or ask a member of staff to refer you to the chaplains.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Sunday 10am
Holy Communion (Church of England/Free Church)
Mass (Roman Catholic) 
Monday 12:30pm Holy Communion (CofE/Free Church)
Tuesday 12:30pm Christian Fellowship
Wednesday 11:50am Midday Prayers
Friday 1:15pm Friday Prayer/Jumu’ah (in the Tent, 4th Floor)

West Middlesex University Hospital

Monday 12 noon Mass (Roman Catholic)
Thursday 12 noon Christian Prayer Time
Friday 12 noon
Holy Communion (Christian)
Friday Prayer/Jumu’ah 


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

T: 020 3315 8083

Emergency/urgent requests please page the on call chaplain on 07659 140 566

West Middlesex University Hospital

T:  020 8321 5447

Emergency/urgent requests please contact the switchboard on 020 8560 2121 (internal callers dial "0") and ask for the duty chaplain.


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

The Chapel, Chaplains’ Office and the Sanctuary (quiet space) are located on the 1st Floor, between Lift Banks B & C. The Tent (Prayer Room) and ablution facilities are located on the 4th Floor between Lift Banks C & D. These chaplaincy spaces are places of prayer, reflection, worship and quiet open to all.

West Middlesex University Hospital 

The multi-faith chaplaincy centre is located in the main hospital atrium, opposite pharmacy.  


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