Thanks a million!

27 October 2011

The Children’s Sunshine Appeal at Chelsea and Westminster aims to raise £5 million for our new children’s hospital.

346-million.jpgThe Children's Sunshine Appeal at Chelsea and Westminster aims to raise £5 million for our new children's hospital. It has now reached a major milestone with more than £1 million raised since the appeal was launched in January.

Fundraisers from two of the hospital's charities, Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and the Children's Hospital Trust Fund, have joined forces to work together on the appeal.

They aim to raise enough money for new facilities including a kitchen for the adolescent ward, accommodation for parents and carers, as well as a £1.5 million surgical robot through the Pluto Appeal which is part of the Children's Sunshine Appeal.

We are delighted to have secured the support of our local newspaper, the Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle, and its sister papers in Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster, to publicise the Children's Sunshine Appeal and encourage their readers to donate—articles are now being included on a regular basis in the Chronicle.

A big thank you also to Monkey Music, a local pre-school music class, whose 10th birthday celebrations helped raise more than £6,000 for the Pluto Appeal.

Jayne Harris, who has run the classes for the last decade with a team of teachers, told the Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle: "I felt our 10th birthday was a fantastic opportunity for Monkey Music to give something back to the community by supporting the Pluto Appeal."

She asked the children to decorate a special 10th birthday card and also asked parents if they would like to give a small donation to the Pluto Appeal as a birthday present.

Jayne said: "The response has been amazing. The children have been wonderfully creative and we have had fantastic cards featuring colourful pictures and collages.

"And with the generosity of our mums and dads, we have managed to reach our target of raising £6,000 towards this incredibly worthwhile cause."

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