Your child’s hearing test appointment

Your child has been seen in the ENT Clinic and the ENT clinic have requested that we carry out a more age related test for your child. If this appointment is not convenient please contact us to rebook.

If you wish to bring a family member/friend to this appointment please feel free to do so. If you need an interpreter, do contact us and this can be arranged. If you require hospital transport do contact us.

This test is called, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA). The test lasts approximately 30 minutes and we may have to bring your child back for a repeat test if we are unsure of the accuracy of the responses.

The test is carried out by two qualified audiologists registered with The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists.

The test is carried out in a Sound Proof Room.

Initially we will take a Medical History regarding your child’s hearing. Their ears will be examined; this involves looking into their ear with a special light.

You will be requested to hold your child on your knee and one Audiologist will sit in front of you and engage your child with some toys. The second Audiologist will be in another room presenting various noises and rewarding your child with a picture on the screen when they look towards the sound.

We do request that you do not give your child any clues of where the sound is or when the sound is presented.

If you are sensitive to loud sounds it may be a good idea if you request ear plugs we do provide them.

Please do not worry if your child does not look towards some of the sounds, as on occasions children are not interested in the test.

When the Audiologist has completed the test it will be checked if your child has a follow up ENT appointment. If there is no ENT appointment one will be organised for you. Please note the Audiologists will not be able to give you the results, the ENT doctor will do this at the ENT appointment.


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