Birth preparation/antenatal classes

Update on antenatal class provision

During the COVID-19 pandemic and during the recovery period, there will be no face-to-face antenatal education or breastfeeding classes available at either Chelsea and Westminster Hospital or West Middlesex University Hospital.

We want to ensure that you still have the information you require and have therefore  put together a virtual information package for you to access at this time:

We are also offering a course of online birth preparation/antenatal classes using the Zoom platform. Details of these and how to book them can be found below.


All women booked to have their antenatal care at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex Hospitals are welcome to attend our online antenatal classes using the Zoom platform. The link below is a guide to getting started with Zoom if you have never used it before:

The sessions will give you practical information, advice and support to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. These are not exercise classes. We would encourage you to attend the sessions with your birth partner if possible. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Maternity unit tours

Due to infection control concerns, we no longer offer group tours of the Maternity Unit (both Labour Ward or the Birth Centre) at either hospital, but photographs of both units can be found on the padlet.  

Our classes

There are different types of classes available, depending on whether this is your first or subsequent baby. Please make sure you choose the classes that are right for you from the links below.  We advise that you plan to take the classes after 30 weeks of pregnancy, although you can of course make your bookings before this time.  For the Twins Class, it is advised that you take them some time after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Birth Preparation/Antenatal Course 

The virtual online course is a set of five classes for first-time parents.

These classes are held mornings, afternoons or early evening and are now bookable online using the links above—please make sure you make a separate booking for each class you wish to attend.  

Your partner is welcome to attend, but please only book 1 ticket (in the mother’s booked hospital name) per device that you will be using to access the call. You can book your classes any time from 24 weeks, but you should not attend them until you are at least 30 weeks pregnant (unless there is a medical reason to do so). Although classes are free, please make sure you cancel any classes you decide not to attend, as spaces are limited.

If you are unable to find availability, please contact the Parentcraft Coordinator on

Refresher class

This is a single online class for parents who have had a baby before to refresh the key topics around labour and birth and the choices parents may need to make. The virtual online class is held once a month in the morning and can be booked using the link below:

Twins and higher multiples class

This is a single online class for parents expecting more than one baby. The class supplements the course for first-time parents and the refresher class for parents who have had a baby before. The class includes:

  • Maternal health and wellbeing
  • Choices in Labour and birth
  • Making connection with others expecting twins or more

You are advised to take this course after 24 weeks pregnancy but ideally before 34 weeks. Partners are welcome to attend and you can book using the link below

Dads-to-be evenings

This class is not currently running.

Private antenatal classes

The Kensington Wing are pleased to offer antenatal classes, held and run by our own midwives. You can choose from the full course of 5 classes or handpick individual classes to suit your needs. Classes are held via the Zoom platform on a Monday evening between 5:45pm until 7:45pm. You can book these online via this link:

Breastfeeding workshop

Breastfeeding is not covered extensively in the Antenatal Course above. This online workshop aims to help you feel more confident about breastfeeding and understand how to prevent and solve common breastfeeding difficulties, such as your baby not taking the breast or sore nipples and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. 

The best time to attend the workshop is when you are around 28–34 weeks pregnant.

Physiotherapy antenatal class

This class is currently not running, but please call the Physiotherapy Department on 020 3315 8404 for details of alternative arrangements.

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