Your pregnancy, your choice

Your pregnancy, your choice

Welcome to Maternity Services. At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital we know that pregnancy can be an exciting but daunting time for women and their partners. There are many choices to make and questions to answer which is why we have designed this website to help you and your family have the best possible experience at this special time—and hopefully answer some of your questions.

How can you choose Chelsea and Westminster?

You can also choose to have your baby with us through your midwife, at any of our community or hospital clinics, or through your GP. We aim to inform you of your first antenatal appointment date within 2 weeks of hearing from you or your GP.

Midwife led birth centre

Bring your child into the world in our midwife led birth centre—the safety of a hospital birth in a spa-like setting.


T: 020 3315 6000

Important information about maternity/antenatal appointments

From 31 July 2017, all women attending maternity/antenatal services as non-emergency patients for their first appointment are asked to provide two forms of identification. If you have had a previous appointment in our hospital for your current pregnancy you do not need to provide any documents.

We will not turn away any women or delay maternity/antenatal treatment if they cannot do so, nor if they are ineligible for free care. This new process will enable us to properly assess whether patients are eligible for free NHS treatment, in line with Department of Health regulations.

Our Overseas Patients team will work with women to assess their eligibility, to support them and to discuss payment arrangements if they are ineligible for free NHS treatment.

What types of document can I show?

Please bring one document from the following list as proof of identity:

  • current signed passport
  • residence permit issued by UK Border Agency
  • valid UK photocard full driving licence
  • EU or Swiss national identity photocard
  • valid armed forces or police photo identity card
  • photographic disabled blue badge
  • citizen card
  • valid bus pass 

Please bring one document from the following list as proof of address—the document must show your current address:

  • original utility bill such as gas, electric, water, landline (mobile not acceptable) dated within the last three months
  • council tax bill for the current year
  • bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook dated within the last six months
  • original mortgage statement from a recognised lender dated within the last six months
  • current council or housing association rent book or tenancy agreement dated within the last six months
  • notification letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) confirming your right to benefits or a state pension dated within the last six months
  • evidence of electoral registration

Participants wanted for pregnancy after weight loss surgery study

Our specialist clinic is skilled at looking after pregnant women with previous bariatric surgery. Additional support may be required in the pregnancy and recent studies have shown that these women may be more at risk of having the baby early and of having a small baby. On the other hand, there is a lower risk of developing pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine during pregnancy), diabetes and having a large baby compared to women of similar weight who have not had surgery.

We are currently conducting a study looking into why and how bariatric surgery can affect pregnancy outcomes to improve the care of pregnanct women who have had bariatric surgery. If you are interested or would like more information on taking part:

NHS information service for parents

To receive regular information, expert advice and tips from real mums and dads tailored to your baby’s age, sign up to the NHS Information Service for Parents.


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