Midwife led birth centre

Chelsea and Westminster has a new choice of birthing options, a bespoke midwife led birth centre alongside our other maternity facilities.

The birth centre is a spa-like facility comprising seven rooms—four with birthing pools—and all having mood lighting that can be controlled by mums during birth. A private suite is also available to women accessing our private patients service, with their care coordinated by their chosen midwife.

Vivien Bell (Head of Midwifery) said: “We respect each mother’s decision when it comes to how they wish to give birth and, as such, provide women with a full range of options for their birth plan, from homebirth all the way through to a consultant led delivery.

“We’ve designed the midwife led birth centre to make mothers feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Women who choose this service will have all of their antenatal and postnatal appointments in the unit, which will provide mothers with the continuity of care they want throughout pregnancy.

“It is the newest and most state-of-the-art unit in London and we encourage women to view the environment and meet our experienced midwifery team.”

You can choose to have your baby with us by completing a simple form:

Photo tour of the Birth Centre

The calm atmosphere of our midwife led Birth Unit feels a world away from the hospital outside

Aromatherapy themed rooms—all of our seven rooms are named after essentials oil chosen by our midwives

You can choose a room with or without a birthing pool and we offer a variety of equipment to suit your birth plan


Each room has a fold-down double bed for you to relax with your baby



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