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We continually listen to feedback to improve our services and the care our patients receive, and it is equally important for us to recognise our staff who have exceeded the expectations of our patients, service users and their families.

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August 2016 via NHS Choices

I have nothing but praise for the West Mid. My elderly mother was admitted to the a&e dept yesterday and I would like to thank all the nurses, doctors and porters for the way they looked after her after splitting her head open after a fall. They were so friendly and caring and made us both feel at ease. Nothing was too much trouble for them even though they were very busy with a constant stream of patients. I would like to say a special thank you to one of the porters. They kept coming back to our cubicle to check on my mum, and when she was discharged, they wheeled her to my car and helped her in. They made such a difference to our visit—thank you!

DG, Imaging service user (WMUH)

June 2016 via NHS Choices

I would just like to feedback on my experience of an appointment at the Radiography department at West Middlesex Hospital. In all I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. The staff were courteous and efficient and the department was clean and bright. Just to add I also thought the signs that were on the floor directing you to the department were very helpful.

Anonymous (WMUH)

June 2016 via NHS Choices

My mother has been a patient of the Anticoagulant Clinic for many years now. The nursing staff at the clinic have been providing an outstanding level of service since the very beginning. They provide a very high level of attention to care and have made the patient (my mother) feel very welcome and comfortable every time. Quality of care is also combined with the use of the latest technology, which has resulted in maximum patient comfort during INR testing with absolutely minimal waiting times. A very well done, and a personal thank you from me (and my mother) to you and your staff. Keep up the brilliant and professional work.

Anonymous, partner of A&E service user (C&W)

May 2016 via NHS Choices

My husband was admitted with appendicitis on a Sunday afternoon and from the moment he was in A & E he was treated so very well, with great courtesy and efficiency. He was transferred to St. Mary Abbot's Ward, where again, all the staff were really caring and kind. Following his operation, he was carefully monitored and informed about his operation procedure and every test was carefully explained. We don't live in London, but 90 miles away, so their care was so appreciated, especially as we were not in "known" territory. The staff always took great care to explain to me, his wife too, which I greatly appreciated. My husband has recovered extremely well and has just had his out-patients appointment with the Registrar, who performed the appendectomy, and yet again, we were treated with such courtesy, with everything explained. I sent an email to the Chief Executive to say how wonderful all the staff had been to my husband and how greatly their care was appreciated. Incidentally, my husband is almost 80 years old and has recovered so very well. Thank you enormously!

G, parent of Children’s service user (C&W)

May 2016 via NHS Choices

Our 14-month old son underwent a routine operation this week. We found the staff very helpful, informative and personable. They helped to take a bit of anxiety out of a stressful scenario given our son’s age and the fact that he had to have a general anaesthetic. The aftercare from the nurses was excellent and very hands on. Thanks very much!

AS, A&E service user (C&W)

May 2016 via NHS Choices

I had assumed that visiting A&E on a Saturday lunchtime was going to be a long tedious affair but I couldn't have been more wrong. The waiting room was busy but from the start the staff were polite and efficient, my waiting time to be seen was only 80 minutes and the nurse and their trainee assistant were amazing and I was out of there just 30 minutes later after having 4 stitches in my left forearm.

Anonymous, Medicine service user (C&W)

May 2016 via NHS Choices

I am not a local to this hospital or even to London. I live just about 95 miles away in Swindon. I have spent a long time within the last 10 months coming to and from this hospital with my first admission last July. This hospital saved my life. The units I have been on have been amazing and I am incredibly grateful for everything all the staff do. I live in a small town compared to London. We have one hospital for the whole of the town and it's the most significant one within the county too. My local hospital is always on black alert and never have much respect or kindness or even attention for their patients. Here is different here have done everything they could have done. Everything they did makes me still here today. From the burns unit to the GI surgeons to the dietitians and physios what a great job they do! They work a 12 hour shift, they put up with abuse from patients, they are rushed off their feet a lot of the time yet they still seem to manage. Thank you so much! Chelsea and Westminster have given me hope, a new chance and I now feel confident and comfortable with saying how I feel and how things are within my body.

Anonymous, mother of children’s service user (C&W)

April 2016 via Twitter

A huge thanks to the fabulous paediatric doctors at @ChelwestFT who looked after my daughter yesterday. Great care on our wonderful NHS.

Anonymous, daughter of service user (WMUH)

April 2016 via Twitter

A huge thank you to all the staff on Richmond Ward for their care of my mum, Patricia. In her words: you're the best.

Anonymous, Orthopaedic service user (WMUH)

April 2016 via NHS Choices

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the staff involved in my treatment for my total hip replacement operation. I was involved in all the decision making, making my stay as pleasant as can be [...] From the surgeons, theatre staff and the nurses who did an excellent job looking after me on the ward, to the staff who provided me with a cup of tea and a meal, they all work very hard providing, in my opinion, an invaluable service. The staff in Physiotherapy, had they not encouraged me to get out of bed and walk [...] I would still be there now. The home visit was valuable to giving me the opportunity to air any concerns.

I could go on. I have met a very professional team of staff, and yes brilliant as they are they are proud to represent the NHS. Thank you. 

Anonymous, parent of Children’s A&E service user (C&W)

April 2016 via NHS Choices

We arrived In the A&E paediatric ward and were treated incredibly well by both doctors and nurses. They. We're very professional and approachable. They told me exactly what was happening and the next steps to follow with my son's condition. We then had to stay two nights in the Neptune ward. The nurses I this ward are absolutely brilliant: In particular the nurse who did the night shifts. So professional and pleasant, always a smile no matter the time of day/night or pressure they were meticulous and very approachable. The play therapist was such a help, finding the train set to keep my son occupied and give me a 5/10 minute break. They were a real saviour. The person who takes the meal orders and cleans was very helpful and super efficient at their job. My only complaint would be that at night due to the amount of noise and lights it is like torture and extremely difficult to sleep but the nurses try their best. The parking fee of £10 a day is a bit steep but is the only alternative.

GF, MRI service user (C&W)

March 2016 via Twitter

Brilliant treatment at Chelwest as usual. I was early, so were you. Job done. Thank you.

LO, A&E service user (WMUH)

March 2016 via Twitter

Take to West Mid Hospital A&E today! Our NHS is amazing. Thank you to those who cared for me.

Anonymous, Maternity service user (WMUH)

March 2016 via NHS Choices

I have just had my second baby in West Middlesex NBC. Both my experiences were excellent. I felt very well looked after, supported in the birth I wanted. Very experienced midwives. My antenatal care involved doctors who were attentive, very well informed and caring. I think it is a truly first class service and recommend the unit to friends. Thank you.

JS, parent of Children’s Surgery service user (C&W)

March 2016 via NHS Choices

Big thank you for incredible atmosphere on Children's Surgery Department (Saturn Ward). Amazing, kind and professional staff made time we have spend in hospital pleasure. I would recommend this hospital to everyone!

CR, Preassessment Unit service user (WMUH)

Feb 2016 via NHS Choices

Went in for a pre-assessment session today and received an amazing service, so I thought I'd write a review to reflect that.

The reception staff (unfortunately didn't catch their names) were very helpful and guided me through what was needed to be done; the initial nurse a well mannered practitioner who was very personable, gave detailed information regarding the processes they were performing and was clearly passionate. A breath of fresh air. On a side note, their manager was lovely and very supportive.

The second nurse was extremely knowledgeable and supportive regarding what was to be expected in my forthcoming day surgery. Any question I threw at them, a detailed and reassuring response followed.

I hope and am sure this level of service is experienced by all that go to the pre assessment unit.

LC, Surgery service user (C&W)

Feb 2016 via Twitter

Thank you to all staff in Mr Ian Goodall's team, took awesome care of me yesterday and today. AMAZING staff. 

J, AEC service user (WMUH)

Feb 2016 via NHS Choices

I have been a regular visitor to the AEC unit recently and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff in there. Doctors, consultants, nursing staff and reception staff always go above and beyond to treat me as an individual, respect my extreme hospital/needle phobia and are just lovely in their approach to treating me. Hopefully I won't have to visit them too often in future but I know when I do I'm in safe, capable, caring hands. These staff need recognition for their work as they are brilliant.

RC, Maternity service user (WMUH) 

Jan 2016 via NHS Choices

I had my beautiful baby girl on 22 January 2016. I had my older girl there as well in 2011. My first delivery was long and unpleasant, so I felt very anxious about my second birth at West Middlesex Hospital. 

The maternity unit was outstanding. I was in the Labour ward and I received a lot of attention, professional care. 

Thank you very, very much!

Mother of Paediatric patient (C&W)

Jan 2016 via Twitter

Thank you for professional & reassuring appointment in Paediatrics this afternoon. A humbling reminder of how good the NHS is. 

MC, A&E patient (WMUH)

Dec 2015 via Twitter

Spent Christmas Eve late evening and morning in A&E. Staff were brilliant, so patient and professional, please thank them for me. 

GP, father of Paediatric A&E patient (WMUH)

Oct 2015 via Facebook

Great care on Thursday night from the A&E paediatrics staff - especially Dr Katie who fixed my 3 year old daughter's pulled elbow. Thanks so much!

ENT service user (WMUH)

June 2015 via NHS Choices

My breath was taken away when I attended the ENT clinic. I made a mistake with my appointment time and was nearly an hour late. No problem. Admin staff sorted me out and were courteous and respectful. Clinical staff were accommodating and kind. The department was spotless, not at all busy and had an atmosphere of calm purposefulness. I felt I was in the best hands at all times. I didn't have to wait for tests, had immediate followup with my consultant and a plan of action was put together. Marvellous.

Urology patient (WMUH)

Jan 2015 via NHS Choices

I must say that the customer service received from the staff that I was in contact with today was exceptional. From the moment upon entering the hospital I was greeted and shown how to register my arrival for the outpatient appointment and clearly directed where to go next. The consultant was great and reassuring, as were the reception staff and nurses that I dealt with from beginning to finish. Keep up the good work!!

GJ, Dermatology service user (C&W)

Apr 2015 via email

I would especially like to thank you and all the team at the Chelsea and Westminster dermatology department for all the work you have done to help get my Psoriasis under control—it has had an immeasurably positive impact on my life, and I am thrilled to bits with how well my new medication is working. All of which has really encouraged me to lose the extra weight I picked up as well as implement a better diet and exercise regime. Lots of bicycling by the seaside!

SF, visitor (WMUH)

Jan 2015 via Twitter

Exceptional demands on staff but so impressed with the amazing dedication and support of brilliant staff at West Mid Hospital.

RHC, Surgery service user (C&W)

Dec 2014 via email

I would like to thank all the staff involved in my short stay in the David Evans ward for my hip surgery [detail removed for privacy]. I was looked after wonderfully, making me feel at home, comforted and re-assured at all stages. Thank you all so very much and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any anybody who asks me for my opinion.

JB, A&E patient (C&W)

Nov 2014 via email

I came in mid morning on [date removed for privacy], I was seen in five minutes, and every body was kind and caring, I went up to acute assessment and again so very nice. Thank you very much. My daughter is a surgeon, and I live with a consultant, so I do know a bit about the system. Your staff were just kind and gentle.

MT, Diagnostic Unit service user (C&W)

Oct 2014 via email

I had an endoscopy today and would like to say thank you to all the staff on this unit for their kindness and understanding, what lovely caring people you are, you made a huge difference many thanks.

L, Podiatry service user (WMUH)

Aug 2014 via NHS Choices

On the 29th of August I had bunion surgery at WMUH. When I arrived at the day unit the team were wonderful and did their best to calm my nerves. Post surgery they looked after me very well. The ward was clean, tidy and all staff were helpful, friendly and approachable. The Professor, the Podiatry team and all other medical personnel were fantastic. As nervous as I was, I knew I was in good hands with an exceptionally experienced team. My follow up care has been of the same high standard. For anyone contemplating bunion surgery, I would highly recommend having it done at WMUH.

GG, Maternity service user (C&W)

Jul 2014 via email

I delivered twins by C-section at Chelsea and Westminster in March. There were some complications and I spent 4 nights in hospital. The care that my daughters and I received was outstanding. I am extremely grateful to all personnel that took care of us: the delivery room staff, the midwives... they were superb. Special thanks to Maggie Vaughan, the doula who helped me with breastfeeding. Her advice was very valuable and it is thanks to her and to a very helpful health visitor that I managed to breastfeed my twins. Massive thanks to all personnel who assisted me during my stay at hospital.

FR, visitor (C&W)

Jun 2014 via email

So helpful on main reception when I called (long wait for switchboard to answer so I gave up and tried automated asking for main reception)—polite and extremely helpful young woman assisted with my question regarding disabled parking and use of blue badge. Thank you.

JB, relative of ITU patient (WMUH)

Jun 2014 via Twitter

A huge thank you to your staff at ITU, HDU and Syon 1 who helped my baby bro get better!

MDCB, A&E patient (C&W)

May 2014 (translated) via website

Hello! I am a Spanish woman who came to the emergency department on 27 April for observations of tachycardia during my few days in London. I was discharged the next day and wanted to thank the professionals who treated me for their professionalism and good work. They made me feel comfortable being away from my home and I want to thank everyone with all my heart for the friendly treatment I received.

Women's Services patient (C&W)

May 2014 via PALS feedback form

Hello there! Back in hospital, started from the A&E Department on Tuesday. I was told to stay overnight which turned into two nights. The good news is that I was told I was going to the Annie Zunz Ward... yay :) which I was very, very happy about. This is my second admission which I am overjoyed by seeing the staff members and Mary Knight who is a wonderful, caring lady. Thank you to the team, you have made my stay welcoming and I felt comfortable too. I love being on the ward, thank you.

BR, wife of patient (C&W)

May 2014 via website

On Tuesday last through my own fault I failed to set up transport for my husband for a very early procedure. At this hour of the morning (collection from 5am onwards) we indulged in a taxi. The fact that the tube strike would make this a hopeless plan passed right over me. I tried everything and failed. I rang the hospital fearing I would get a well deserved negative response. Well I got nothing but help and kindness and he got there on time and had a very successful job done. My thanks to the many people involved who must have had their own strike-related problems added to their hectic personal schedules. Happy to be as member of the Hospital Trust set up.

Parent of Children's Services patient (WMUH)

Apr 2014 via NHS Choices

My husband and I just just want to say a big thank you you to all the staff that helped in the recovery of our 16mth old daughter. On Wednesday evening we had to take our daughter to Pediatric A&E because she had breathing problems. The doctors and nurses that all looked after her where brilliant, especially her doctor that would sing to her to try and keep her calm when the needles where going in. 

Thursday morning she was moved to the Starlight Ward and again all the staff, doctors, nurses, dinner ladies and cleaners were all very friendly. Our daughter's nurses were amazing, it really felt like they cared and gave her the time to make her happy. They also always explained everything to me so I knew what was happening at all times. A big thank you to everyone for what was a very scary and stressful few days you made it easier and took a lot of stress off.

G, Ron Johnson Ward patient (C&W)

Mar 2014 via website

Thank you so much for your support and help! All the staff, from doctors to cleaners, nurses, assistant nurses, everybody had been so caring and helpful.It is so important for us (the patients) to get confidence from the professional, and you all do a magnificent job in this respect. With all my gratitude, thank you once again.


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