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    Name Service Specialities
    Dr Alexander Brand Medicine Rheumatology, General Internal Medicine; Acute Medicine
    Miss Alice Bremner-Smith Surgery Hand Surgery, Wrist Surgery
    Miss Jane Bridges Women's Health Gynaecological Oncology
    Dr Nicola Bridges Children's Medicine Paediatrics, Paediatric endocrinology and diabetes
    Dr Peter Brooks Anaesthesia
    Edwina Brown
    Mr Ben Caesar Surgery, Orthopaedic Upper limb, Knee, Sports injuries, Trauma
    James Calder Surgery Orthopaedics
    Dr Margaret Callan Medicine Rheumatology
    Dr Skandhini Carthigesan Children's Medicine Consultant Paediatrician, Developmental Paediatrics
    Dr Susan Childs Surgery Pain Medicine, Adult Mental Health
    Dr Roger Chinn Radiology Radiology, Clinical Radiology
    Mr Muhammad Choudhry Children's Surgery Paediatric Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Neonatal Surgery
    Dr Shu-Ling Chuang Children's Medicine Neonatology, Neonatal Intensive Care
    Mr J Samuel Church Surgery Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Knee Surgery
    Mr Simon Clarke Children's Surgery Paediatric Surgery, Minimally invasive paediatric surgery
    Dr Charlotte Cohen HIV and Sexual Health - West London Centre for Sexual Health Genitourinary & HIV medicine, Reproductive healthcare - LARC trained
    Mr Jonathan Collier Surgery Craniofacial & Orthognathic Surgery, Facial Trauma Surgery
    Mr Declan Collins Plastic Surgery, Burns Burns Care, Laser Therapy
    Dr Julian Collinson Medicine Cardiology