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    Name Service Specialities
    Dr Andrzej Jandziol Anaesthesia Anaesthetics
    Dr John Casimir Janssen Medicine Neurology, TIA, Memory Disorders and Dementia
    Ms Anita Jatan Plastic and reconstructive surgery
    Dr Rachael Jones 10 Hammersmith Broadway, HIV and Sexual Health Genitourinary and HIV Medicine
    Mr Luke Jones Trauma and orthopaedics Orthopaedic and sports knee surgery, Trauma surgery
    Miss Isabel Jones Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Burns Plastic Surgery, Burns
    Dr Neerav Joshi Medicine Gastroenterology
    Naresh Joshi Surgery Ophthalmology
    Dr Sam Kaddoura Medicine Cardiology
    Dr Miriam Kadry Anaesthesia
    Dr Rajat Kapoor Children's Medicine Paediatric Gastroenterology
    Dr Raffi Kaprielian Cardiology
    Dr Nikhil Kapse Radiology Clinical Radiology, Radionuclide Radiology
    Miss Effie Katsarma Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic Surgery
    Dr Rashmi Kaushal Medicine Endocrinology
    Dr Farhat Kazmi Radiology Vascular Imaging, Interventional Radiology Adult and Paediatric
    Dr Richard Keays Intensive Care Intensive Care Medicine, Anaesthesia
    William Kelleher
    Dr Angus Kennedy Medicine
    Dr Sadia Khan Cardiology