Self-pay treatments

Self-pay priced packages for medical treatment and surgery at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road.

Self-pay procedures available at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 

Whenever possible, we offer fixed price packages. If you are unable to find the package price you are looking for, please call 020 3315 8484 for a quotation.

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Estimated Package Price

Abdominal hysterectomy £6,995
Colposcopy £960
Diagnostic laparoscopy £2,862
Dilatation and Curettage £2,029
ERPC (surgical management of miscarriage) £2,100
Hysteroscopy (excluding excision of fibroids) £3,900
Laproscopic hysterectomy £6,726
Myomectomy £6,469
Vaginal hysterectomy £6,200

Orthopaedics - Knee

Estimated Package Price

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction £6,195
Arthroscopic menisectomy £3,450

Orthopaedics - Hand/Wrist

Estimated Package Price

Carpal tunnel release £2,200
Dupuytren's contracture £2,200
Ganglion removal £2,390
Trigger finger repair £2,432

Orthopaedics - Hip

Estimated Package Price

Hip replacement £12,845

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