Self-funding your treatment

Self-pay options at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Self-pay options at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Find a fixed price or build a bespoke package tailored to your personal needs. Our private healthcare income is reinvested to support our NHS Services.


Self-pay guide

If you require medical treatment as a private patient, we are able to provide most treatments on a self-pay basis. Here’s our step-by-step guide:

Step 1 - Call us - 020 3315 8484 or request a callback

Find out about treatments, procedures, our Consultants, appointment availability and costs.

Step 2 - Private Patient referral from your GP

Many cases require a referral letter from your GP. Please bring this to your appointment along with any relevant test results and information related to your condition. This will help save time and costs to you, and avoid the need for repeat scans or x-rays. 

Step 3 - Book an initial consultation appointment

Call our enquiries team to arrange an initial consultation with the Consultant of your choice and confirm costs. When you meet, your Consultant will discuss your condition and available treatment options. If they suggest further tests, these will be charged separately to any proposed treatment

Step 4 - Arrange your treatment

Following your initial consultation we will liaise with you and your Consultant to discuss your personal treatment plan and costs. In many cases we can provide a fixed-price package* quote to fully cover your treatment costs

What's included?

As part of the fixed-price package, the following are included. Terms and conditions apply:

Included in fixed-price packages:

  • Accommodation and meals during the stipulated length of stay and any additional nights during the same episode of stay where requested by your consultant for clinical reasons
  • Consultant fees for your procedure
  • Consultant Anaesthetist fees
  • Theatre fees
  • Pathology fees
  • Nursing care
  • Services of the Resident Medical Officer
  • Physiotherapy while you are an inpatient at the hospital
  • Standard prostheses / implants (except where stated)
  • Take-home medication to use until 5 days post-discharge
  • Outpatient consultations before or after your inpatient care (the self-pay enquiry team can advise you of the likely charges for these according to your chosen Consultant)

NOT included:

  • Outpatient diagnostic services
  • Outpatient physiotherapy
  • Costs associated with unrelated medical conditions
  • Non-standard prostheses / implants, if required
  • Post-discharge tests
  • Personal charges (telephone calls, visitor’s meals etc.)

Packages and Prices

Guide prices for common procedure packages are listed below. If you can’t find the treatment you’re looking for, please call us for a personal quote tailored to your needs. N.B. Prices exclude Surgeon/ Anaesthetist Fees.



Hospital Procedure Code

Surgery package price start from 

Endoscopy and Colorectal

Diagnostic sigmoidoscopy H2502 £1,400
  Diagnostic colonoscopy H2002 £1,755
  Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) G6500 £1,325
  Diagnostic OGD and colonoscopy G8082 £2,500
  Haemorrhoidectomy H5100 £2,500
  Anal fistula surgery – low H5510 £2,500
  Anal fistula surgery - high H5520 £2,850

General Surgery

Gall bladder removal (keyhole surgery) J1830 £5,625
  Repair of inguinal hernia (open surgery) T2000 £2,900
  Repair of inguinal hernia (keyhole surgery) T2002 £2,845
  Repair of umbilical hernia T2400 £2,300
  Repair of ventral hernia T2720 £2,900


Lumbar epidural injection A5210 £1,067

Women’s Health

Abdominal hysterectomy Q0740 £6,795
  Laparoscopic hysterectomy Q0790 £6,526
  Vaginal hysterectomy Q0800 £6,000
  Colposcopy (out-patient procedure) P2730 £760
  Diagnostic laparoscopy Q3900 £2,662
  Dilatation & Curettage Q1030 £1,829
  ERPC (management of miscarriage) Q1010 £1,900
  Hysteroscopy – endometriosis Q1700 £3,650
  Hysteroscopy – fibroids Q1802 £3,650
  Myomectomy Q0920 £6,350

Oral & Maxillofacial

Surgical removal of impacted / buried tooth F0910 £2,150


Circumcision (adult) N3030 £1,850
  Diagnostic endoscopic examination of bladder M4510 £1,600

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Insertion of grommets D1510 £2,200
  Tonsillectomy – child F3400 £2,600
  Tonsillectomy – adult F3440 £2,400
  Adenoidectomy E2010 £1,925
  Myringoplasty (for perforated eardrum) D1420 £3,475
  Nasal septum cauterisation E0380 £1,600
  Excision of lesion of internal nose E0820 £1,595


Neonatal circumcision (up to 8 weeks) N3030


(excludes Surgeon/ Anaesthetist Fees)

  Paediatric circumcision N3030


(excludes Surgeon/ Anaesthetist Fees)

  Orchiopexy (for undescended testicle) – one testicle N0920 £2,700
  Orchiopexy (for undescended testicles) – both testicles N0820 £4,950
  Frenotomy / Frenectomy (for tongue tie) F2620 £1,100

Orthopaedics - Knee

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction W7420 £5,995
  Arthroscopic meniscectomy W8200 £3,250
  Arthroscopy of knee W8520 £3,200
  Multiple arthroscopic operation of knee W8500 £3,450
  Total prosthetic replacement of knee W4210 £13,500
  Partial knee replacement W5200 £12,350

Orthopaedics - Hip

Total prosthetic replacement of hip W3712 £12,645

Orthopaedics - Shoulder

Therapeutic arthroscopy of shoulder W8603 £3,900
  Sub-acromial decompression and rotator cuff repair T7910 £5,000
  Total (primary) shoulder replacement W5000 £11,000

Orthopaedics – Hand & Wrist

Carpal tunnel release A6510 £2,000
  Dupuytren’s fasciectomy (for Dupuytren’s Contracture) T5202 £2,000
  Trigger finger repair T7231 £2,232
  Ganglion removal T5900 £1,800

Orthopaedics – Foot

Surgery for bunions (Hallux Valgus) W7910 £4,200
Our private healthcare income is reinvested to support our NHS Services.

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