Health assessments

Private health assessments at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road

How well do you know you?

Our health assessments include a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests and include quality time with a doctor and nurse to explore all of your health and wellbeing concerns.

  • Our range of assessments will provide you with an excellent opportunity to identify any health issues early.
  • See if you are at risk of serious illness and find out how to prevent it with a comprehensive Health Assessment.
Our comprehensive assessment provides an overall view of your current health, identifies key health risks supported by guidance to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • 20-minute discussion with a private GP
  • Review of health and lifestyle
  • Comprehensive set of blood tests including kidney and liver function
  • General physical examination
  • Visual tests
  • BMI
  • Mental health wellbeing
Our advanced assessment includes everything in our Comprehensive package plus an enhanced set of tests with recommendations for a balanced lifestyle.
  • 30-minute discussion with a private GP
  • Medication review
  • Designed to identify health risks, discuss existing conditions and prevent future illnesses
  • Advanced set of blood testing including thyroid function and vitamin D
  • Prostate examination for men
  • Cervix evaluation for women (speculum exam, not smear)
  • Point of care ultrasound (heart / kidneys / bladder / aorta) with handheld device
Our all-inclusive assessment includes everything in our Advanced package plus specific male and female cancer checks, heart health and screening for diabetes.
  • 60-minute discussion with a private GP
  • Full body physical examination
  • Extensive blood evaluation including diabetes, cholesterol, potassium and calcium
  • Heart health
  • Nutrition advice
  • Visual test
  • Prostate examination for men (PSA testing)
  • Cervix evaluation for women (smear and histology)
  • Follow-up face-to-face consultation with GP
  • Point of care ultrasound (heart / kidneys / bladder / aorta) with handheld device
Duration: 60 minutes Duration: 60 minutes Duration: 120 minutes
Cost: £450 Cost: £625 Cost: £975

Whether you have a known health concern or you are simply looking for peace of mind, our health assessments are designed to give you a better understanding of your health. 

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