HIV/hepatitis and IVF treatment

HIV/ hepatitis and IVF fertility treatment options at the Assisted Conception Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road.

Fertility treatment for those who are positive for HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C

Why choose us

We are the first and largest centre in the UK able to offer fertility treatment to those affected by HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital's fertility clinic is a centre of excellence for the management of infertility, and widely recognised as a leading Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) in the UK. We offer highly specialised treatment with excellent success rates and patient experience.

Our consultants

Our clinic is led by Mr Dimitrios Nikolaou and Mr Julian Norman-Taylor. The ACU is proud to deliver care in a supportive and reassuring environment, treatment and advice is always evidence-based. Our team have close links with leading Universities, and deliver academic lectures at Imperial College London, including the supervision of PhD students on all areas relating to fertility. 

Treatment Options

For patients who are positive for HIV or hepatitis B or C we offer a range of specialist treatments ranging from sperm washing, intrauterine insemination (IUI) to in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Our services can support you to reduce the likelihood of transmission and to conceive a healthy child.  All of our treatments are carried out in our state of the art laboratory.

Sperm washing

This technique involves separating the HIV infected seminal fluid from the sperm by centrifugation and ‘washing’. Once washed, the sperm is combined with a nutritional fluid and tested for HIV. If negative the sperm is then used for the IUI or IVF procedure.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

The technique of intrauterine insemination or IUI is one of the simpler methods of assisted reproduction. It involves the injection of prepared sperm into the uterine cavity via a small catheter inserted through the cervix (neck of the womb).  This can be done with or without medication.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

In this treatment, eggs are removed from the ovaries, fertilised with sperm in a laboratory dish and allowed to grow before being replaced in the woman’s womb. IVF literally means ‘fertilisation in glass’, giving us the familiar term ‘test tube baby’.

NHS-funded treatment


Your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will have a certain criteria you and your partner will have to meet to receive NHS funded treatment. These often include your age, Body Mass Index (BMI), previous treatment and whether you already have children. The criteria does vary, therefore in order to know whether you are able to access NHS funding in England, please contact your local CCG, or speak to your GP, or contact Fertility Fairness (previously the National Infertility Campaign Awareness) via email at .

How to be referred

Ask your GP to refer you to the sub-fertility clinic at Chelsea and Westminster, here you will complete a number of fertility investigations, which will assist in reviewing your eligibility for NHS-funded treatment. Once confirmed you will be seen in the fertility clinic to start your treatment.

Privately-funded treatment


If you are not eligible for NHS funding treatment, or wish to be seen privately you can self-refer for treatment by completing our self-referral form and sending it to .


All information provided by users of our services is confidential and is not shared with anyone else outside the service without permission. We are required to provide data to certain organizations such as the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) however this information is either anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual or their infectious status is not disclosed.

For further information about any of the fertility services offered at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Assisted Conception Unit, please contact us on 020 3315 8585 or email us at .