Fertility treatment

Private fertility treatment at the Assisted Conception Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Fulham Road.

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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has offered fertility services since 1995 and is widely recognised as a centre of excellence and a leading NHS fertility centre in London. In 2020 building upon the longstanding success and reputation of our fertility treatment services at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the new satellite service was opened at West Middlesex University Hospital.

Fertility problems affect one in seven couples. There are options available for everybody when considering assisted conception. We have a genuinely holistic approach as well as multidisciplinary approach. We investigate properly, analyse the factors involved, the overall prognosis, the whole range of available treatments, and we offer advice and form a partnership with each patient or couple. Our purpose is to serve people, and our success rates show that we compete equally with the best private units in London.

Our staff members are experts in this highly specialised field and our active research programme ensures that treatment is based on the most current scientific evidence. Our experienced team treats more than 600 fresh and 200 frozen cycles per year (hfea.org). In addition to our clinical expertise and range of treatment options, we also understand the inevitable stress and anxiety of fertility treatment. Our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way throughout your treatment. Our patients are comprised of 50% NHS and 50% private patients, and we offer both the same excellent standards.

As part of the Imperial College School of Medicine umbrella, the ACU has an added advantage for our patients as it enables us to provide continuity of care, with related services including gynaecology and maternity.

We treat everyone with fairness within regulatory guidelines, and we practice based on our research evidence and price our services ethically. Finally, we thoroughly enjoy our work. Our patients are extremely loyal to us and we feel the same towards them.