MRCS Revision Course FEEL (Focused Echocardiography in Emergency Life Support) Course

The next Chelsea and Westminster DrExam MRCS revision courses and small group tutorials will be held during September 2016 at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, so please book now to avoid disappointment. We would also like to congratulate our last group who achieved an exceptionally high pass rate (over 90%).

Our course material has been peer-reviewed and awarded 4 stars by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) and British Journal of Surgery (BJS).

This one day course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to perform 4 standard transthoracic echocardiography views in the critically unwell and cardiac arrest patient.

This course is for doctors (post FY2) in acute specialities.

 Course Fee:

  • £200 per internal candidate (CW & WM staff)
  • £300 per external candidate
  • Flyer (PDF)
MOMS   Imperial Anaesthesia Crisis Resource Management Course (ACRM)

This is a one day course using lectures, high fidelity patient simulation and debriefing. It will allow the participant time to practice their skills, re-enforce their knowledge and apply these in the multidisciplinary simulated obstetric emergency environment.


This bespoke, immersive simulation course is designed for ST3 anaesthetic trainees. Is is focused upon improving non-technical skills that are an integral part of patient safety during anaesthetic emergencies. It also aims to teach the principles of effective individual and team behavious during crisis.

The experienced faculty offer expert training and feedback in crisis resource management.

The one-day course is limited to six candidates to maximise the learning experience

BAPS - Simulation in Paediatric Surgery   Simulation Instructor Training

This course is aimed at providing entry level Higher Paediatric Surgical trainees  ST3  or those trainees returning after an extended leave of absence eg maternity or research, with an introduction/ revision of  key skills and topics required for higher paediatric surgical training program in the UK and NI.


A two-day multi-professional course providing comprehensive simulation training. The course reinforces the principles of ACRM and provides instruction on how to run scenarios, the essentials of human factors, and group dynamics as well as debriefing techniques.

Gynae Laparoscopy   Simulation of Hospital Interdisciplinary Work in Emergencies on Labour Ward (SHInE)

The course comprises of eight fixed half day sessions which includes lectures, demonstrations and assessments.

Course Format

  • Course held at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  • 7 Fixed half day sessions
  • Catch Up sessions – Allowing a way round your unfixable rota clashes
  • Take home simulators
  • Lectures, demonstrations and assessments
  • Expert Tuition and teaching from core and invited faculty

This one-day course for trainee doctors involves joint anaesthetic and obstetric workshops to improve 'real world' knowledge, followed by high fidelity simulation training on human factors, such as communication and team working in Labour Ward crisis management. We aim to increase candidates' confidence in managing emergencies on labour ward during  transition to on call duties at ST3 level.

The course is offered exclusively to ST3 anaesthetics trainees in Imperial School of Anaesthesia (ISA) and North West London (NWL) ST2 Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainees.

London School of Paediatrics Simulation Course   Simulation Training in Neonatal Emergency (STiNE)

This longstanding, London School of Paediatrics course has been created to support the continued development of all paediatric trainees. Candidates at ST3 level have been taking part in this course for several years and this programme is now open for applications from ST1 trainees & paediatric nurses.

The programme has been divided into two separate elements over different days.

Full Immersion: Uses high-fidelity manikins to create simulated scenarios which will focus on crisis resource management. This will enable trainees to become more comfortable managing specific scenarios, together with developing their team-working and communication skills.

Part Task: The second element comprises of two focused segments.

  • Technical training skills (for example basic and advanced airway management) using part-task trainers.
  • Communication training scenarios using actors in simulated roles.
  • Course Fee: Not Applicable
Apply Online:

This course will move beyond the traditional passive model of neonatal resuscitation education. Through immersion in intense, dynamic and complex simulation scenarios and constructive video debriefings, attendees will practice key cognitive, technical and behavioural skills necessary to achieve optimal performance in unpredictable neonatal emergencies.

Trauma Team Member Course (TTM)  

This course aims to translate the individual knowledge and skills which may have been gained from a trauma provider course into enabling staff to work effectively as a member of a trauma team in their particular role, within their particular institution, and as part of the wider London Trauma System. The major part of the course is a taught simulation day allowing candidates to experience up to 6 diverse trauma scenarios. The scenarios will be in a high-fidelity simulation environment with experienced facilitators.






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