Medical elective placements

Important note: All placements for 2015/16 have now been filled

Medical elective placements are for medical students only and not qualified doctors.

Medical elective placements are arranged through Imperial College. These placements last 2–6 weeks (6 weeks maximum) and applicants must be in their penultimate or final year of medical school to be eligible.

There is a small administration charge associated with these placements.

If you  wish to apply for an Elective I  require the following information from you before I send out applications and contact details of specialities.

  1. Name of University
  2. Preferred 2 Specialities
  3. Length of Elective
  4. Dates preferred

Once I have this information I will send you contact details. But please be patient as I am very busy with my own Imperial College students.

I will try to reply to emails as soon as I can. Also please read the attached guidelines carefully before replying.

The elective attachment must not exceed 6 weeks.


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