Research divisional leads

The Research Divisional Leads are vital to the successful delivery of the research portfolio, providing in-depth understanding and expertise to support and drive research within each of the three clinical divisions. They are well informed, proactive and engaged, ensuring that the Trust remains at the forefront of research to deliver improvements in patient experience and clinical care.

The role includes:

  • Establishing an aligned strategy for the division, indicating key outputs (including recruitment targets)
  • Working closely with other Research Divisional Leads to share common goals and ambition
  • Working with the Department of Research & Development and investigators to expand the research portfolio
  • Supporting new and existing NIHR Portfolio studies in recruiting the agreed number of participants within the planned recruitment duration
  • Maintaining an overview of research being undertaken and  identifying studies which require particular attention

The Research Divisional Leads for the C&W site are:

  • Dr Marcela Vizchaychipi (Planned Care Division)
  • Dr Ian Gabriel/Dr Shweta Gidwani (Emergency & Integrated Care Division)
  • Prof Mark Nelson (Women, Children, Sexual Health & Dermatology Division)


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