COVID-19 vaccine study

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is looking for volunteers to participate in a clinical trial studying an investigational vaccine against COVID-19. 

The vaccine has recently completed preliminary testing in humans, showing promising initial results on antibody levels in healthy volunteers and no serious safety concerns identified to date. The vaccine now requires testing on a large scale and a study involving 9,000 people in around 18 regions across the UK is starting. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust aims to recruit around 500 volunteers aged 18–84 from the North West London area. 

The study aims to recruit a representative sample from the entire population so most people will be suitable. However, this clinical trial would not be suitable for those with a body mass index below 17 or above 35, those taking anticoagulant therapy (aspirin or clopidogrel is fine) or anyone pregnant or aiming to become pregnant in the next year. Participants at higher risk from COVID-19 for any reason (eg due to their age, social situation or ethnicity) are particularly welcome. 

We also anticipate recruiting for other COVID-19 vaccine trials in future.

Interested individuals are invited to email their contact details to or phone 0782 568 1110.

There is also a national register of such vaccine trials and you can express your interest.

Letter to participants


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