Emergency department survey

What is the emergency department survey?

Adult patients who attended Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (C&W) and West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH) Emergency Department were sent a questionnaire asking them to comment on various aspects of their care and treatment.

This was part of the national inpatient survey, commissioned by the Care Quality Commission. All NHS hospitals are required to participate every year.

Surveys were sent to 1,700 patients of whom 392 completed and returned questionnaires—a 22% response rate.

The results of the national Emergency Survey were published on October 2017.

How do patients rate their care overall?

What do patients rate highly?  

This survey has highlighted the many positive aspects of the patient experience. 

  • 85% of patients scored 7+ out of 10.
  • 84% of patients felt treated with respect and dignity.
  • 81% of patients had always had confidence and trust in Doctors and Nurses
  • 98% of patients felt The Accident and Emergency Department was fairly clean/very clean.
  • 78% of Patients received test results before leaving the trust
  • 86% of Patients reported there was always enough privacy when being examined or treated


Since the 2014 survey with similar questions, patients reported significant improvements on two questions:

  • Privacy when being examined or treated.
  • Cleanliness of the emergency department.

One question was significantly worse since the previous survey:

  • Visit to the Emergency Department more than 4 hours.

What do we do better than other hospitals?


Areas in which C&W scores significantly better than the national average include: 

  • Waiting time for care to be handed over to the emergency department staff
  • Time to discuss health or medical problems with Doctors/nurses
  • Doctors/nurses fully explained condition or treatment
  • Cleanliness of the Emergency Department

What could we do better in comparison to other hospitals?

  • Availability of suitable refreshments

Improving patient experience—how are we addressing these concerns?

We are already taking action to address concerns by fully engaging with staff to action quality improvements.

Trust staffs were informed of the results to share the good practice highlighted and relay to staff where we can improve—for example ensuring staff and volunteers routinely ask patients are asked if they require refreshments.

The trust has a forthcoming survey results workshop where results will be discussed and action plans formed to ensure patient experience improvements. This will also include the Friends and Family Test results, Concerns (formal and informal) and Compliments.

Nathan Askew, Director of Nursing says: “The trust has demonstrated great care and treatment in a safe environment. We have improved in some areas such as privacy and cleanliness, which is a reflection of our newly developed Emergency Department.

It is reassuring to know that our staffs take the time to listen to patients, and thoroughly communicate with them regarding treatment plans and conditions.

Patient feedback obtained from other sources, such as the national Friends and Family Test, show that overall patients are satisfied with the care and treatment they receive.

However, there is always room for improvement. We continuously gather feedback from a variety of sources, including the national Friends and Family Test and individual patient concerns, which are investigated and shared with staff to enable learning and improvement of our services.  

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