Before you arrive

1. Read your letter

Your appointment letter will explain anything you need to do before coming into hospital. It is very important that you follow these special instructions otherwise your treatment may be delayed. Please ensure you check the details in your letter carefully so that you go to the right place for your treatment as our trust has two hospital sites—Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and West Middlesex University Hospital. Your letter will tell you exactly where you need to go.

2. Phone if you can’t make it

Your letter gives you an admission date. If there is any problem about coming in, please ring the telephone number on the letter immediately.

If you are having an operation

Before your operation, it is essential that your stomach is empty, and it is necessary that you should have nothing at all to eat for at least six hours before the anaesthetic.

You can drink water up to three hours before the time planned for the operation, and after that you must not take anything at all by mouth. If you have any questions about your surgery please contact us in advance.


We have single and double rooms available near each hospital—all rooms have shared bathroom facilities.

Prices range from £35–55 per room per night—please call our Accommodation Department on 020 3315 6993 for more information.


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