Ovulation induction

Visit the Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for Ovulation induction - you can ask your GP to refer you to us.

This treatment option can be appropriate for women who have an irregular cycle and don’t produce an egg each month.

Provided the semen analysis is normal and the fallopian tubes are open, we generally advise ovulation induction as first line treatment. This involves taking a simple fertility drug called Clomifene (Clomid) for 5 days between day 2 and 6 of the cycle and we arrange ultrasound scan ‘follicle tracking’ from day 8 or 9 of the cycle to check the ovaries are responding to the drug and producing a follicle. We then advise timed intercourse.

When there is no response to Clomifene or if conception has not occurred after 6 cycles, we recommend treatment with injectable fertility drugs called gonadotrophins. These drugs are more potent than Clomifene and require close ultrasound scan monitoring every cycle, as the risks of multiple pregnancy are much higher.

If you are significantly overweight or underweight you are unlikely to respond well to ovulation induction treatment (or any fertility treatment). Your doctor will check your Body Mass Index and may recommend deferring treatment.


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