Embryo freezing

Visit the Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for Embryo freezing - you can ask your GP to refer you to us.

While it is technically possible to freeze human eggs, it is a difficult process with few resulting live births worldwide.

However, when there are several embryos of good quality it is generally worth freezing those that are not used. These embryos can be used at a later date should the original cycle not be successful or should there be a live birth and the couple want to have another child.

The process is much easier (and less costly) than a fresh cycle. Usually we monitor the woman’s cycle with ultrasound. When the stage is reached at which a naturally occurring embryo would be ready to implant, we defrost the embryos for a transfer similar to that for an IVF cycle.

Unfortunately, not all embryos survive the freeze/thaw process but as the process is so much easier than a fresh cycle, it is generally worth freezing spare embryos should the option arise.


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