Before treatment starts

Before treatment starts at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. A well established Assisted Conception Unit with more than a decade of proven success

Before you can start on any form of treatment in the ACU, you need an initial consultation. At this visit, one of our fertility specialists will review your medical history, ensure that all the necessary investigations have been completed, and advise you of the best treatment options for you.

Most couples are referred by their GP and baseline investigations are arranged before the first visit to the hospital. If these have been undertaken elsewhere previously, please ensure that you bring any results with you.

Baseline investigations

Baseline investigations carried out before treatment starts include:

Pelvic ultrasound scan

This identifies any abnormalities in the uterus (womb) or ovaries. It should be carried out between the 2nd and 5th day of a woman’s monthly cycle as this is the best time to visualise the ovaries and check the linings of the womb.

Hormone profile and viral Screen

A blood test is carried out on the same day as the pelvic ultrasound scan to check blood count, hormone levels and whether a woman has ever been infected with certain viruses.

Semen analysis

At least 1 semen analysis must be analysed in the IVF laboratory before treatment can be planned.


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