Assisted conception unit (ACU)

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital assisted conception unit in London offers fertility treatments to improve the chances of getting pregnant including IVF privately and NHS funded

What we do

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s assisted conception unit (ACU) is one of the most successful fertility units in the UK offering a range of services from ovulation induction to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) for both private and NHS-funded patients. 

Our small team of doctors, nurses, embryologists, administrative staff and counsellor are able to provide you with personal and individualised care to give you the best chance of conceiving. They work as a team with a single goal, to provide the best possible service and clinical outcome for you. 

The ACU has close links to other related services in the hospital such as gynaecology and maternity.  This means that we can help arrange surgical procedures if needed and provide continuity of care in the same hospital.

Thanks to our experience of treating more than 1,000 couples a year since the ACU at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was founded in 1995, the professional and friendly team at the ACU are here to help if you are finding it difficult to conceive. 

Our services

The ACU is able to provide a personal, efficient and streamlined service because the relatively small size of our unit means that we have low waiting times and couples are able to see the right member of our expert team as quickly as possible.

All new patients are seen by an experienced member of the medical team as our doctors work in a multidisciplinary team because we understand that teamwork is the cornerstone of successful fertility treatment.

Our association with Imperial College London means that all of the treatments we offer are based on thorough scientific evaluation and evidence-based medicine.

We have a special interest and expertise in the management of fertility problems in older women and couples with blood-borne infections. We also work closely with one of the only NHS specialists in male factor infertility.

From your first consultation through to your treatment and aftercare, our experienced team will work to give your treatment the highest chance of success while doing everything they can to ensure the whole experience is stress-free.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital work in collaboration with other fertility units locally and internationally to provide specialist treatment for patients who are being locally monitored by their own fertility specialist.  

Brochure and price list

Click the images below to download our brochure and price list (PDF format):

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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Assisted Conception Unit
The Westminster Wing, 4th Floor, Lift Bank D


T: 020 3315 8585
F: 020 3315 8921


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