Birth preparation

All women booked to have their antenatal care at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are welcome to attend our birth preparation classes. Each midwifery team runs a set of antenatal classes over a 3 week period. We recommend that you attend these from 30 weeks of pregnancy.

The sessions will give you practical information, advice and support to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. These are not exercise classes. We would encourage you to attend the sessions with your partner or a friend. The sessions last approximately 2 hours.

If you are booked with the community teams, your community midwife will do the booking for you. For women who are booked with the hospital teams, please email  or call 020 3315 7850.

You can book a tour of our Maternity Unit—please contact Maternity Reception on 020 3315 5371. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. Please be advised that there is no guarantee to see all areas, as access will be dependent on unit activity. Please also note that children are not permitted on the tour.

Our classes

Preparing for birth and afterwards course

This course is a set of three classes for first-time parents.

  • Class 1: Normal birth including signs of labour
  • Class 2: Coping with labour including pain relief options and self-help techniques
  • Class 3: Complications that may arise, the postnatal period, and what to expect after baby is born, including basic principles of breastfeeding

Please email  to book a place.

Refresher class

This is a single class for parents who have had a baby before with an aim to remind parents of the key topics about birth and labour.

This class includes a tour of the Maternity Unit.

To book a place, please email .

Twins and higher multiples class

This is a single class for parents expecting more than one baby. The class supplements the course for first-time parents and the refresher class for parents who have had a baby before. The class is led by a midwife and includes:

  • Maternal health and wellbeing
  • Labour and birth
  • Maternity Unit tour
  • Meeting others expecting twins or more

To book a place, please email .

Dads-to-be evenings

This is a single class for fathers-to-be only. The class is led by fathers from the 2 become 3 charity and an active birth teacher. Topics include:

  • Labour
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Becoming a father

To book a place, please email .

Private antenatal classes

We hold private classes on Monday evenings from 5:45–7:45pm. Classes are led by a Midwife and Active Birth teacher. To book or for more information please contact the Kensington Wing on 020 3315 8616.

Breastfeeding Workshop

This is a 2 hour session where partners are also welcome. It is facilitated by midwives from out Infant Feeding Team. The aim of the workshop is to help you feel more confident about feeding your baby nurturing a close relationship with them. It includes information around how breastfeeding works with practical tips about feeding your baby.

The best time to attend the workshop is when you are around 28-34 weeks pregnant.

Please arrive promptly for the start of your chosen session:

Physiotherapy antenatal class

This is a single class for women who are experiencing back, hip and pelvic pain in their pregnancy. The class is led by a specialist women’s health physiotherapist and includes:

To book a place please call the Physiotherapy Department on 020 3315 8404.


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