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We are committed to involving our patients and their representatives in the work of our Maternity Unit. Have you recently had a baby at Chelsea and Westminster? We are looking for volunteers to help us continuously improve our services by taking part in our Maternity Service Liaison Committee.

It meets every six weeks to hear, discuss and advise on matters of importance to the effective provision of quality maternity services.

What does it involve?

Our current priority is improving the postnatal experience for women and their families and looking at breastfeeding issues. The Maternity Service Liaison Committee (MSLC) is looking for new representatives to take part in occasional forums or working parties to gain your views. We’ll work around your availability!

This group is dedicated to enhancing the quality and standards of care within the Chelsea and Westminster Maternity Unit and ensuring dialogue between providers, purchasers and users of the service.

How do I sign up?

Please contact:

Georgia Kontosorou
T: 020 3315 3571
E: W: Chelsea and Westminster MSLC Facebook page



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