Visiting times

visiting hours

Labour ward and birthing unit

  • Open visiting by 2 nominated birthing partners (24 hours)

Simpson Unit

  • One nominated partner from 8am–10pm only—no other visitors (family or friends) or partners staying overnight

Inpatient wards (antenatal and postnatal)

  • One nominated partner is welcome to visit 24 hours a day (this may be a different person during the daytime)—please ensure swaps are made at 8am and 8pm only
  • Rest period at 1–4pm (one nominated partner only)
  • Other visitors from 4–7pm (maximum three visitors at any one time)

Partners will be able to stay overnight on the inpatient wards. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a bed due to space limitations and hospital beds are not suitable for two adults. Toilet facilities can be found in the labour ward. Further to feedback from patients, we request that all visitors remain in suitable daytime clothing and do not sleep in the hospital bed.

    Please note: In all areas, only the mother's own children are allowed to visit from 8am–8pm.


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