Antenatal breastfeeding workshops

If you are attending our Antenatal Parent Education course, feeding your baby is included in the last session. 

You are welcome to attend a specific two-hour breastfeeding workshop which provides more detailed information about how breastfeeding works, latching your baby onto your breast, how to prevent and solve common difficulties such as sore nipples or baby not taking your breast, and how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk.

We encourage you to bring along your partner or other family member, a friend, or whomever will be around to support you in the first few days and weeks after birth. The best time to come is when you are around 28–34 weeks pregnant. 

Upcoming breastfeeding workshops

Please arrive promptly for the start of your chosen session:


Maternity Reception, 3rd Floor, Lift Bank C
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital


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