Free HIV testing

56 Dean Street is Soho's friendly convenient NHS clinic offering rapid HIV tests, including Saturday and late evening services, based in central London. Come and see us if you think you are at risk of HIV or are worried about HIV symptoms—HIV Duo testing is also available.

No Symptoms and just need a quick check-up? walk-in to Dean Street Express.

If you are at risk of HIV the NHS recommends annual HIV testing. In addtion, Public Health England recommend that gay men should test every three months if they regularly have unprotected sex with new partners. People who find out early that they have HIV live longer, healthier lives than those who find out late. About 1 in 20 gay men in London have undiagnosed HIV. Two thirds of those people actively believe they are not infected.

You can reserve a time slot for a free rapid HIV (AIDS) test at Dean Street Express. Check in using the touchscreen. The service is totally confidential. You don't have to use your real name if you prefer. One of our friendly team will then see you to perform the HIV test. There is never any charge for your visit. The whole process will typically take less than one hour. 

Because we think that early diagnosis of HIV is so important we also offer outreach HIV testing in Soho's bars, gyms and saunas. Why not visit us at Sweatbox sauna (Ramillies Street, W1F 7LN) on Mondays 4–9pm or in G-A-Y Bar (Old Compton Street, W1D) on Wednesdays 3–6:30pm? We also run promotional campaigns to encourage those at risk to test.

HIV antibody/antigen test (DUO test)

This test looks for HIV itself (p24 antigen) as well as the immune system's reaction to infection (antibody). This means it detects HIV much sooner after infection than older tests. It can sometimes detect it as early as 2 weeks. By 4 weeks the test will pick up nearly everyone. The blood sample is sent to our laboratory and the result should be sent within 6 hours via text message (SMS).

346-poct.jpgRapid HIV POCT test

This rapid HIV test is performed in the clinic and gives a result within 5 minutes. It uses a 'finger prick' sample of blood. The test checks for the immune system's reaction to HIV only (antibody). It will detect most infections within 6 weeks of exposure to HIV. Like all tests it can rarely give a 'false reactive' result. This happens about 7 times in every 1000 tests we do. If the test is reactive we will use a different rapid POCT test and send a sample to our laboratory to confirm the result.

Public Health England are the UK's leading experts in the performance of HIV tests. They advise that there is no test available guaranteed to pick up 100% of HIV infections before 3 months. If you want to legally exclude HIV infection, they advise you to test now and retest 3 months after any recent exposure.

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