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Please read important information about sexual health services and your appointment.

About our services

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of award winning sexual health and HIV services across London. People do not need their GP to refer them for care, nor do they need to live locally.

Our sexual health clinics offer testing for sexually transmitted infections (including HIV tests), contraceptives including the morning after pill (emergency contraception), condoms, pregnancy testing, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations, safer sex education and support/counselling.

Our main sexual health clinics are based at John Hunter Clinic for Sexual Health (located in St Stephens Centre next to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital), 10 Hammersmith Broadway (previously West London Centre for Sexual Health), 56 Dean Street in Soho, West Middlesex University Hospital and St Helier Hospital.

We also provide outreach sexual health clinics which are services based in the community (eg in NHS walk-in centres) and other specialist sexual health clinics. We have specialist HIV clinics—Kobler Outpatient Clinic (located in St Stephens Centre next to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital), Kobler Day Care Unit (located in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) and Floor 3 (located at 10 Hammersmith Broadway).

Our services for people living with HIV include a dedicated inpatient ward, 2 day care units, an emergency clinic for HIV related problems and three outpatient clinics—Kobler Clinic, Floor 3 at 10 Hammersmith Broadway and 56 Dean Street.

How we use your data

All information provided by users of our services is confidential and is not shared with anyone else outside the service without permission. We are required to provide data to certain organizations such as the Department of Health, the Health Protection Agency and Primary Care Trusts for monitoring and funding purposes—however this information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual.

How to access your clinical records

If you would like to access your health records, please write to Medical Records Manager, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9NH. The hospital is required to respond to your request within 40 days of receiving it and will charge an administrative fee.

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