Health professionals

On 1 September 2015 West Middlesex University Hospital formally became part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

While under one management team, please note that both hospitals continue to provide the same clinical services as they do currently, including full maternity and emergency services.

Patient pathways, tertiary referral routes and referral information

Patient pathways and tertiary referral routes all remain the same for all of our hospital sites and community clinics.

There is no change in established referral routes or referral information for patients cared for at West Middlesex or Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals.  This applies equally to emergency and elective patients.

Contacting colleagues at either Chelsea and Westminster Hospital or West Middlesex University Hospital

All telephone numbers remain the same with both hospitals retaining their existing switchboard numbers.

Email addresses for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital staff remain the same,

Email addresses for colleagues based at West Middlesex University Hospital will change to Any emails sent to email addresses from 1 September 2015 will be automatically rerouted to their counterpart.  

The email address for West Middlesex University Hospital site non-eReferrals remains: The email address for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital site non-eReferrals remains:

New branding on patient appointment letters and GP clinical correspondence

To reflect the organisation’s new identity, patient appointment letters, clinic letters and discharge summaries will be adopting new branding.

New NHS logo for West Middlesex: Please be aware that, while the NHS logo has changed to reflect the legal name of the organisation, the letter itself will clearly state the hospital site at which the patient’s appointment is scheduled to take place.

Due to the number of clinical systems and templates that need to be rebranded this will be a gradual process over the next few months. Again, any existing paperwork branded with West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, including referral forms and test request forms, will continue to be accepted until stock of these runs out or they are formally replaced with new paperwork.

Here are examples of documentation you are likely to see from our Trust:

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital correspondence

West Middlesex University Hospital correspondence